Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday update

The quilt is coming along, 1 daily hour at a time :-)

I have been seeing all the lovely leaf quilts from Judy's instructions, but I am happy I am sticking to my plan after all.
I am looking forward to do some big stitch quilting soon.

Now I am out of finished corner stone blocks and have to start doing more of them too. I have all the inner swirls done, more or less. In my count half a swirl is missing, but I can make it fast enough. Some are not joined and that can be done quite fast too.
I still have about 30 minutes of today's hour left, so I think I will work on the corner stone blocks. If I still have some time left after that, I can do some sashing.

Linda J. told me the quilt is also in the February 2005 American Patchwork and Quilting - so if anyone is interested in making a similar quilt, there it is.
The only difference is that the sashing is plain and there is no blocks in the corner stones, but other than that it is the same quilt.

If you have Block Base from EQ, the block # is 3762, King's Star.
The star has 8 arms, 45 degree angle, and if you draw a circle through star, there is a template for you :-)
You can foundation paper piece both the inner swirl and the outer star legs. The sections can be joined as mine, with machine or by hand or by applique. There are many ways leading to Rome, as we say here :-)
Templates or English paper piecing are also good options, depending on your taste in methods.

If you want to do the curves by machine, as we did in class, the method is well described here.

I will definitively do more curved piecing in the future - I really like the look :-)

The tote stitchery is coming along too, and is perfect for TV watching.
No significant changes to show yet, but it is worked on too. Many small stitches takes a long time.


  1. I love the cornerstone blocks. They truly add some "zip" to the quilt.

  2. You are really motoring along with this project! Is this going to be 9 blocks in total? It would make a lovely bed quilt!

  3. You are going great on this quilt.

  4. This is a nice quilt Hanne. I like the color choices. Your work is beautiful

  5. This is the coolest quilt!! Everytime I see the blocks I like it even more!

  6. What a delightful, fresh, crisp quilt! Great job.

  7. That really looks nice! In those colors, it'd be good as both a summer watermelon and a Christmas one. :)

  8. We are making good use of our "hour a day" this month. Your "Watermelon" quilt is making great progress. I was able to sew for about 1/2 hour today before work. I will sew more when I get home.

  9. Anonymous5:16 pm

    this quilt is so lovely!!


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