Tuesday, October 03, 2006

September Looking Back and October Goals

September was a very busy month, life wise.
I would have liked to accomplish more in the quilting department, but it has been a month of daily threads and small steps and not so many big steps.

I did finish 2 care quilts though, amongst them Judy's 1 hour challenge. Judy has another lovely challenge going now, but after my reality check I am passing, even if I would like to join. I have printed the instructions, so maybe another time.

I also caught up with my Dear Jane swap blocks - which is good :-)
I am swapping with a friend, with no fixed deadlines, but the general idea is 2 blocks to keep and 2 to send, every month. It is a lovely swap and the only swap I need. We have been swapping for many months - first autumn colours, now summer / sherbet colours.

My Dear Jane class handouts has also got a face lift - remember the kitten on the sewing machine day ? :-)

Coming to think of it I have put in threads here and there, so maybe the month has been more productive than I think anyway.
I like doing these summing ups after a month - getting the big picture :-)

October focus projects are picked -

* Finish the Watermelon quilt top
* 4 Dear Jane blocks in summer colours for October
* 4 Dear Jane blocks in summer colours for September - moved from last month
* Finish Tonya's letter project
* Finish stitchery tote

I have a deal going with Suze on doing 1 hour a day on the Watermelon quilt :-)
She will be doing Judy's October 1 hour a day when I am doing the Watermelon quilt.
I Need to get this quilt top done !
It was started in a class in May and I like it very much but it is growing into an ogre.
Life interfered big time and the quilt was put to the side not to get more stitches done.
After visiting Finn's blog and seeing her wonderful big stitch quilting I really want to finish this quilt top even more. I have the brown silk thread intended for the big stitch quilting right here and I will do Baptist Fan quilting.
Don't tell Suze I am already one day behind - I promise to behave soon ;-)

Together with the Watermelon quilt I want to finish the tote that will get the stitchery on the outside.

One project for the sewing machine and one for hand work - must be a good mix :-)
When one is done I can add the next.


  1. The idea of one project for the machine and one for hand sounds realistic if you've been busy...

  2. That's fine Hanne. I ran into fabric problems and got behind too.

    I did not have enough to make my quilt so I had to get a few yards more for the background and sashing.

    We should be on track again now.

    I really do enjoy working with you.

  3. Hanne, you are a very organized and prolific quilter, so what you are doing must be working! I do like the idea of having a mix of hand and machine work. Mixes it up a bit.

  4. Your watermelon quilt will look wonderful when it is all quilted in that style! I can't wait to see it! Keep going - 1 stitch at a time does add up.



  5. Wow! You have a lot of projects going! Somehow I get the feeling you will accomplish a lot, you always seem to get things done and done well.

  6. Good luck to you on the goals, Hanne! Cute little quilt in the previous post and precious little seamstress. Yep, it needed to be finished.


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