Sunday, October 01, 2006

Last finish in September

This is DD2's first and so far only quilt - top minus border done in 1999 and finished by me yesterday, by machine. The blocks are foundation paper pieced - a method that is very nice to do with children. The size of the blocks are 4" and the quilt measures 15" square.

Every log is machine quilted in the ditch, so it will take wear.
A seam allowance or two are very scant. I used cotton batting and the quilt has been in the washer, so it is soft and nice.

The quilt belongs to Kosen (Cuddles), who is DD2's all time favourite cuddly toy.
He is worn by love, but still going strong.
DD2 bought the 2 dalmatian fabrics herself and picked the rest from my fabric collection.

The original plan was that she would finish it herself, but time, age and interests do not always play the same tune, so I figured it was better to have a finished little quilt than having just a top in a binder.
She was 8 years old back then and is now 15 and a very cool teenager :-)
If she ever turns to sewing again I will happily provide her with everything she needs.

When she sew on my old machine she refused to sit on a children chair with a foot rest, so we had 2 thick encyclopaedias under the pedal.
The photo did not catch that foot, and that is a shame, because it was ever so cute :-)

I think I am going to be the safe keeper of this quilt, but I am sure it will be treasured when she is more grown up :-)


  1. What a neat little quilt. You're right perhaps someday your DD will appreciate the quilt.

    Good work on your September goals.

  2. wonderful little top -- and your right, better "done" than in a binder forever.

  3. What a nice quilt.

  4. It's so great that you have the action photo to go along with the quilt!

  5. You have finished a wonderful keepsake for your daughter!

  6. Nice job Hanne. Even thogh she is too cool now, it remains inside of her!

  7. Awww, she's adorable! Does she know that you're putting her picture as a child on the internet? When I was a teenager, I just hated looking back at myself in old school pictures, I wanted to be older, not remember being younger!

    Of course that was back when I thought 21 was 'old' too!

  8. What a good mom you are. And what a sweet picture of your daughter sewing. Being a teenager I'm sure she doesn't appreciate all this, but eventually she will remember all of her mom's loving help.

  9. how wonderfully sweet this quilt and your daughter making it is.

  10. What a wonderful project to finish. You have added even more memories to a treasured item. An October finish already... I'm impressed..............

  11. Well done for a final September finish. I agree with you, much better to have it done than a UFO that may never be finished by your daughter. There will always be fabric for her to play with if she wants to come back to it.

  12. I like that you used the dalmation fabric for the binding too. I would think she would enjoy the quilt even now - since it is finished. I would hang it up where she can see it rather than putting it away forlater.
    My teenager doesn't want to sew either. Hopefully she will pick it up later as an adult.

  13. good idea to have finished your daughters quilt. Hopefully she will treasure it in years to come.


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