Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sølvi's bag

My friend Sølvi loves bags. She loves to start sewing bags too, but when it comes to finish them and they stop being flat pieces she comes to a stand still and needs help from her friends.

This bag is at least a couple of years old and at that time this bag pattern went around the Norwegian quilt world like chicken pox.
The pattern is from 1997 and has been discontinued now. I saw it on eBay earlier this year, but could not find it anywhere now.

Since I have already made 3 of these bags, one for me and one for each of my DDs the task of finishing Sølvi's bag fell on me ;-)

She will be visiting here today, so it was a good time to start this week so she can bring it home with her. We live half a country apart and do not meet in person that often.

Sølvi's old leather jacket got a new life as the bag bottom and she will make handles from the same jacket when she comes home.

My job was to make the lining with an inner pocket, join the pieces and put a zipper in.
By the looks of it Sølvi will be seen well in any crowd ;-)
May you find good use for your bag Sølvi !


  1. That is an awesomely bright bag! I realy LOVE it! What pattern is it? I might just want to keep my eye open for that one.

  2. That is one good looking bag Hanne! Kudos to you for finishing it for your friend :-)
    I'm yet to make a bag ... I will, I really will!

  3. One a great bag, Hanne. I know that Solvi will be excited to have her bag. You're a good friend!
    I don't make bags - maybe one day!

  4. That quilt is stupendous! Too bad the pattern has been retired.

  5. The bag is great - so bright - great work by both of you!!

  6. That is a great bag! I can see where you could change up the block size and make just about any size bag you would need for any reason! I followed the link and saw the 3 bags you made for your DD and your self, wonderful! How fun to see your creations being used and enjoyed by others. Solvi will surely enjoy hers as well!

  7. what a fantastic bag. I love the colours and am sure it'll be a big hit. :-)

  8. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Hi, Hanne !

    Nice to find a new post from you.
    These bags are beautiful ! What a nice pattern (and gorgeous colors!!

    Hope your health troubles are solving, too.....

    Hugs and smiles,

  9. This bag is so beautiful. I got the pattern both in norwegian and english. And I intend to make it one day.I have saved my leather jacket for this purpose (if I can find it after moving now LOL) You are so kind finishing this bag for her. Enjoy you visit and say hi to Sølvi from me. Tell her I am going to Trondheim next week. Good to see you in blogging again.

  10. love these colors-what a good friend she has in you to finish this bag up! well done.

  11. Wow- it will be hard to misplace that bag! What fun colors.

  12. Really darling bag, and what a friend you are!

  13. Beautiful bag. I love the colors. Solvie is very fortunaste to have a freiend like you. You are so nice to complete the bag for her.

  14. What a neat thing for quilt blocks--- but zippers and I don't get along. I love the colors.

  15. Love the colors. What a good friend you are!

  16. Love the bag and I know Solvi will too! I buy bag patterns but have never tried to make one.

    Judy L.

  17. There is no end to what you are able to do, Hanne! You two make a good team!

  18. Great bag!!!! Love the bright colors. You are a good friend to finish it up for her.

  19. I love the colors in this bag. You're a good friend to put it together for her. I feel challenged also when it comes to constructing something other than a quilt!

  20. Anonymous4:50 am

    The bag patterns are so wonderful anymore and your use of color is just sparkling.

  21. That bag is gorgeous- what a nice friend you are to finish it!


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