Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Summing up October and looking ahead

These were my October goals:

* Finish the Watermelon quilt top
* 4 Dear Jane blocks in summer colours for October
* 4 Dear Jane blocks in summer colours for September - moved from last month
* Finish Tonya's letter project
* Finish stitchery tote

How did it go ?

* The Watermelon quilt top is finished, by 1 hour a day approach ! I am big stitch quilting it now.
* I finished Sølvi's bag
* The stitchery tote is not finished, but the stitchery soon is. Moved to November.
* The Dear Jane blocks has not been touched before today. My swap friend and I have decided on a new colourway - Christmas. Moved to November.
* Tonya's letter project is on my desk and moved to November.

I could prolong October by 1 week as I sometimes do when I do not reach my goals - but- October deserves to be over.
It has been a very tough month and I have bitemarks on the edge of my sewing table to prove it. I am still high on the sick list and who know where on the waiting list at the hospital.
I hope November will bring some more news !!

I am therefore not adding much to my November goal list and am again passing on Judy L.'s lovely 1 hour a day project.
I will be with the participants in spirit and do 1 hour a day on my own projects. I finished the Watermelon quilt top that way in October :-)

This is my November goal list :

* Hand quilt daily on the Watermelon quilt top
* 4 Dear Jane blocks in Christmas colours for November
* 4 Dear Jane blocks in Christmas colours for October - moved from October
* 4 Dear Jane blocks in Christmas colours for September - moved from September
* Finish Tonya's letter project before last Wednesday in November - guild meeting.
* Finish stitchery tote

I am so grateful for my quilting and my internet friends - you are my joy and lifeline :-)

Roses for you !


  1. Hanne

    I enjoy your approach to things. Do what you can, but don't sweat it if it doesn't happen. Sometimes I forget this is for pleasure, and if it takes a little longer, then it just takes a little longer. BTW I think you watermelon quilt top looks great. Look forward to seeing your DJ blocks in the Christmas theme. What will you use them for?


  2. Hi there Hanne
    You've done a wonderful job on your October goals, you got so much done! I look forward to spending November with you!


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