Friday, November 24, 2006

The baker's child gets no bread

We have a saying here in Norway that goes something like:
The baker's child gets no bread.
In fact, my DH had a very sorry toiletry purse, and he has asked for a new one for a while now.
A couple of years back I made 14 different toiletry purses for Christmas - for godsons, goddaughters, nieces and nephews.
None for my own family though....
  • DD1 have one made by me, but it is now to big for her liking.
  • DD2 have store bought ones.
  • DH had an old store bought one, and the zipper gave in this summer.
  • Me - I have an old one from a book club. Functional and boring.

This one is for DH and it is finished today.
He is going on a weekend trip to Denmark by boat today, with a group of friends. I should have been there too, but under the circumstances it is not a good idea.

DD2, the beloved grand-cat and I will rule here at home.
It is not easy to see, but I decorated the black outside by using a twin needle on the sewing machine with 2 different threads - one brown and one brown varigated - and a wavy seam.
It looks cool and male. DH loves it - which is what it is all about, right ? :-)
The pattern is in Norwegian only, so unless you are Norwegian I can not point you in any direction.
I have an idea for a toiletry purse for myself. I have a good one I use for my purse / bag / tote class - which I off course can not use myself, as it would get worn - and I have a couple spin offs in my head.
As long as the creative part of the brain is functional sometimes, I am doing fairly well under the circumstances - I think....
Small projects are very appealing right now, so you will see more quite soon :-)


  1. Veldig flott, og jeg likte fargekombinasjonen på toalettmappen også.
    Titter stadig innom for å se hva du har sydd, selv om - lik mange andre sikkert - ikke er så flink til å si i fra om at jeg har vært her. ;-)

  2. I like your DH's toilletry bag. You're right it is very masculine. Have fun ruling the house this weekend.

  3. Small projects are great to give you immediate satisfaction! I have also been working on small projects for Christmas presents. It sounds like you have a quiet weekend ahead with your daughter and grand-cat.

  4. Nice job- and something so useful. My son has a Norwegian friend...if I can convince him to translate I may ask for pattern info!

  5. hurray for making this for your dh, I am sure he not only will enjoy using it, but he will know how much you care about him by making it.

  6. I've heard that 'the cobbler's children go unshod' which means the same thing, I think!

    The toiletry bag looks great! My parents could use something like that for all the different medications they travel with - not that they have to take them all every day, but they always want to be prepared!


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