Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I took the step.

It felt like a step into the big unknown there a minute, as the beta blogger said it would take 1-2 minutes to switch, but it took 3-4 minutes.
Well - after reading more about the beta and that everybody will be changed soon I thought I might as well do it now.
So far I find it uses a fraction of the time to upload images - which is good !
I like the spell check too.

I also found I already had a Google account - short memory span I guess ;-)
Once Yahoo groups was down one of the groups I belong to moved to Google group.
All the beta bloggers has come up with no-reply-comments until now.
I wonder if it will be the old bloggers that will be like that from now on ?
Bloglines are only half functional after people changed to beta blogger, but I guess they will update too.
I find I go around the ring more, like before, and I do really enjoy that too.


  1. I can't bring myself to upgrade to beta blogger. I guess I will have to one of these days.

    I love your needle book. You are very creative.

    Your post on why you quilt is very thoughtful. I especially like your comment "If quilting was my therapy I would stop when I felt fine . . ." A perfect observation. I don't think many of us have made that observation.

  2. Glad the change went smoothly.

  3. They haven't got round to me yet :(. Pleased that you didn't have any problems. Do you fancy adding Norway to my Red and White Blocks list?

  4. Hi Hanne,

    Can't email you. Go to http://quilts4leukaemia.blogspot.com for further info, or click on the Quilts for Leukaemia link on my main blog.

  5. nice to hear you made the change fairly smoothly-I will hold out longer-just too much change going on for me right now to add to it!

  6. Welcome to the 'transformed' LOL. I guess it's better to decide for yourself than to be forced later on. LOL!

  7. Anonymous3:54 pm

    I am glad your transition to beta was smooth - I ended up moving my blog because of all the blogspot problems I had so you can check out my new space.
    love your work you have been posting - The needle case and the angel are wonderful - thanks for posting

  8. glad the transition went well for you. I've been holding off since it has seemed that people weren't too happy with the switch and have had problems.


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