Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A bit of digressing

The other day a fellow quilter said to me that I must be happy having quilting therapy to lean on while waiting for my surgery.
My immediate response was that quilting is not therapy to me.

I quilt because it is what I do, it is who I am - a quilter :-)

The more I think about it, the more I feel the answer came from the heart.
Quilting is like breathing - something I need to do every day, come rain or shine!
I have colours and textures in my genes I guess.

I quilt 365 days a year, in some form.
If not with machine or needle, so on my computer surfing the internet, enjoying EQ5 (soon to be EQ6), by reading or thumbing magazines or quilt books - or even by drawing and dreaming in my brain or on the inside of the shower cabinet in the steam or a piece of paper.
I am inspired by many things - like nature's colours and shapes, seasons, floor tiles, text, music, silence.

For me therapy is a more limited word.
I do physiotherapy because my body does not function well and would stop if it did.
If quilting was my therapy I would stop when I felt fine - or I have to re-define why I quilt every so often.
I find quilting very comforting and rewarding, but not a therapy.
I quilt through good and bad days, through all seasons.

I guess I am a bit weird, but weird quilter does not sound so bad, does it ? ;-)
Sounds like a good combo for many good quilting moments for many years to come.

PS. I stitched the angel yesterday. It will be used in a project very soon.


  1. You've said it perfectly! I don't think quilting is therapy for most of us - it's what prevents us from NEEDING therapy! Mental therapy that is!

    Your answer makes me think of the question I asked on my blog awhile ago - why do you quilt?

    Love the little needlekeeper so much!

  2. Quilting helped me through a major depression so I do feel like it can be theraputic. I also do something quilt related each day even if it is only flipping through books or reading my online groups. I do miss spending the days in my studio and can't wait to get the move done and get back to it.

  3. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Well said. I quilt because I love to do it. But it have also been theraphy in bad times. Now it has become a lifestyle to me.

  4. Anonymous12:28 am

    hanne, you said it perfectly. i quilt therefore i am. when people ask, i'm a quilter. it is who i am. when it was a business, it wasn't nearly as much fun. you stay in my thoughts and prayers. love your needlework book.
    patti in florida

  5. I love you, your angel, and the way you explained the way we are.

  6. Anonymous9:01 am

    dear hanne,
    I love your needle keeper, you are so clever and so creative person!
    I agree totally with you, quilting is not a therapy for me, either, I just need to do something with my fingers (sometimes only in my brain) everyday, if not I feel I have not finish my day!
    Marie from france

  7. I love what you said about quilting. Very poetic, and I think it describes me and many other quilters as well.


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