Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fun with fabrics :-)

I have stopped saving my best fabrics, so some of my precious Japanese taupes went into this little needle keeper. Just for the fun of it - just for enjoyment :-)

This little needle keeper is 6" x 5,5".
Inside is 2 layers of thin pressed polyester batting + 1 layer of Fast2Fuse, which is also used for postcards, fabric bowls and fabric boxes lately.
I do postcards occationally, but not fabric bowls or boxes.
Fast2Fuse is thin, like thin cardboard and stiff, but yet flexible, so it will not break like cardboard does.

The stitchery heart pattern is in the same pattern as my tote front, from Bareroots.
It is meant for a chatelain, but I am not a chatelain person, so instead of sewing on the heart shape I stitched it.
The inside pocket got a little motif composed by me from the shapes in the outside heart.
Both stitcheries got a bath in tea as did the double batting for the needles.
The cotton batting was so white, so I thought, why not give tea bathing a try?
It did soften the white to a more soft natural look.
One has all to gain to live on the edge sometimes :-)


  1. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Oh wow, if I were guaranteed to have similar sucvcesses, I would use my taupes too...

    LOVELY! (Right down to the stitching around the batting in the middle.)

  2. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Beautiful. And I agree. Why saving the fabric for later. Then when we use them they are old and our taste has perhaps already changed. I have also started to use my newest fabrics.

  3. This is just beautiful. I would like to create something like this for the Moms in my Youth Group.

  4. You amaze me. The "book" turned out lovely. It is almost too precious to be used.

  5. Your needle keeper is so beautiful. You are giving me lots of bright ideas for little projects. Much better than the big projects I seem to keep starting!


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