Sunday, December 17, 2006

3rd Advent

Today is 3rd Sunday in Advent and only 1 week until Christmas Eve. We celebrate Christmas Eve, December 24th, here in Norway.

Today is also Dirty Sunday. Dirty Sunday is the last Sunday before Christmas, and one can from generations back bake and clean and not wear the Sunday best.

Nowadays it is not that important what we do on a Sunday, but in the old days it was, and I can remember clearly not being allowed to do much at my grandparents' as a child.
I was not allowed to do crafts either.
In Norway the shops are closed on Sundays, except a few very small ones that are allowed to keep open.
These weeks before Christmas we have Sunday open shops too, but I prefer to not use them on a Sunday.

I have baked almond cookies today and made salt roasted almonds and sugar roasted almonds.
Traditionally at least 7 kinds of traditional Christmas cookies are a sign of a good household.
It is a tradition I do not honour anymore, but I make some, but not all traditional.
I bake the kinds we like the most and traditions are made in our family.

I have also finished a Christmas gift which I can not blog before after Christmas.
More gift sewing tomorrow.


  1. I remember stores being closed on Sunday. I think it was a great practice. I wish it was still practiced today.

    I'm not baking any cookies this year. Although DH was hinting yesterday that we should make some cookies.

  2. Almost all stores are closed in Austria on Sunday too - excepting 1 pharmacy per area and some shops over at the train station... before I got used to this my DH used to have to drive to the train station to buy our daily rolls!

    Also - Christmas cookies are a big tradition in Austria too with many, many, many different varieties... Little Boy and I made 2 different types with store bought dough and I am pleased enough with that!




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