Monday, December 18, 2006

It is never to late

Those of you visiting my blog in spring and through the summer might remember I participated in a Crazy Quilt Round Robin.
I should have blogged it a long time ago, but out of eye out of mind, right ?
I also think this is a good time to bring some bright colours to you, in the middle of secrecy month.

My background were made with silks, batiks and one quilt fabric print.
It is 6" x 9" and the smallest piece of them all, as 16" square was the upper size limit.
I planned to use my piece as the lid of one of my beloved fabric boxes, where I store my precious quilt notions and small quilt related valuables.
I did not tell in advance, to get someone to focused on my planned use, and I see that all I need to do is to sew down some dangling pearls with a careful hand.

The decor is lovely and as full as I hoped it would be choosing the small background size.
I had never done Crazy Quilt before, but I am not unfamiliar with different kinds of embroidery.
My contribution before the piece started travelling was the silver thread spider web with pearl spider in upper right corner. Spiders means luck.

Torild made the lovely flower garden in the lower right corner and added the ever so cute cat button. The flower garden is a mix of free hand work with the sewing machine and hand work. It is very clever, with dimensional flowers.

Nina made the pink pearl flowers on below the spider web. The rich pink pearls compliments my background very well.

made the swan with applique and free motion darning foot embroidery and pearls. There are details not showing very well with a camera. Beautiful work.

Kari added the cute butterflies on the top, the buttonhole stitch with variegated thread, the buttons with pearls and the pink flowers with gold centre.
May Britt made the sun in upper right corner, with gold thread, and the dragonflies. Little did she know that i have a very soft spot for dragonflies. They are beautiful!

Synnøve is a wiz with silk ribbons and made the beautiful silk ribbon roses. She also added the key, the ladybug and some lovely decorative stitches.
If you visit Synnøves Webshots you will find the other RRs we worked on together too.
If you have some time, you will enjoy browsing her other albums too. Synnøve is a very skilled quilter.

Thank you ladies - this is really a keeper and it was so fun to revisit your lovely work today !

Sitting here, a little soft hearted, I might even join a similar Crazy Quilt RR in the future, if it occurs, the project size is not to big and the time is right.

When the fabric box is made I will show it to you, but don't hold your breath - it will not be very soon.

Neither will I count this lovely piece as an Ufo but as a good learning experience and a lovely end product.


  1. It really is special and beautiful, Hanne. Awe inspiring.

  2. Lovely. You have very clever plans that turn out beautiful. I like how your bag turned out. I know this fabric box will be beautiful also. Enjoy your day.

  3. Anonymous3:18 pm

    It's a beauty, Hanne ! I bet you'll cherish it your lifetime !

    Hugs & smiles,

  4. It is stunning..........

    And everytime you see it you remember the wonderful friends you have.

  5. It was my first time working on CQ and it was so fun. I have a lot of beads and laces now to make a lot of CQ.

  6. Good finally have the time to catch up with your blog, Hanne. To hear about your family traditions and see how your projects are coming out. Do what you can and your family enjoys even it means dialing it back a bit. Wonderful tutorial and your lovely piece of crazy quilt!

  7. What a beautiful piece of quilting and you have picked a wonderful use for it. I'll wait patiently for the finished box.

  8. I think it's even nice enough to be framed! But it'll look great as a box top too, very elegant. :)

  9. Oh Hanne, it is most definitely a work of art! And what a wonderful remembrance from your online friends. It's a perfect piece for topping a special box - I can't think of a better use for it. You are all such a very talented bunch!

  10. That's a beautiful CQ piece! I love your spider web, and May's sun and dragonflies especially, but every single thing on it is just wonderful! I love CQ and have exchanged one heart with May.

  11. Have you read Hideko's Wind from the East blog? She did me a beautiful block for Qs4L very similar to yours. It is so beautiful that I daren't part with it. I love the Swan.

    Have a lovely Christmas.


  12. Anonymous4:14 am

    Keeping it small was such a great idea! There is so much lovely detail on such a tiny piece - it will be perfect for a box lid :-)

  13. Hanne it is beautiful! And what a wonderful thing to remember friends by. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  14. it certainly turned out lovely

  15. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Ei riktig god jul ønskers deg og dine, Hanne!

  16. Merry Christmas Hanne!!!

  17. This is a beautiful crazy quilt piece Hanne. I haven't done any crazy quilting, unless you count some stitches I put on one of my traditional quilts, and hope that in 2007 I will be able to make something like that. I don't think my skill level is up to working on other people's quilts yet though.


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