Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Advent time - and looking back

A little late with my November tally, but better late.......

I did not meet all my November goals, but I am happy about those I met and the forward steps on the other projects.

I finished 12 DJ blocks - 6 to send and 6 to keep and I finished Tonya's letter project.

I did not finish the stitchery tote, but it is only lacking handles and the final joining, which should be doable soon.
I hand quilted 19 baptist fans on my Watermelon quilt, which is about 2/3 of my goal of 1 a day through the month.
I am happy with that too - 19 sure is more than none ;-)

I also finished a needle book with stitchery for myself and a toiletry purse for DH, off goal list.

My December goals are few and good:
  • I have started some Christmas gift, and one goal is to do only one at a time and quit the moment it might become stressful or not fun anymore, and not have any Christmas gift Ufos after Christmas.
  • I will continue enjoying some hand quilting on the Watermelon quilt.
  • I will finish the stitchery tote
The Advent calendar is cross stitched by my DFIL in 1992, by the age of 70. He started doing embroidery after retiring from his work as a bank man. All his 3 sons families got one, and DD1 is claiming it as hers now. DD2 have another in her room.


  1. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Love the Advent calendar, my mother's uncle from Latvia used to do wonderful needlework, but I wasn't lucky enough to end up with any of it.

  2. The advent calendar is so cute. Did you see the free embroidery link on my blog? (It reminds me of the kids on that advent calendar...) I posted it mainly for you as you do quite a bit of embroidery.

    So happy that your FIL is able to enjoy a hobby in his retirement!

  3. I can't say as if I have ever seen an advent calendar like that before. I like it. What a great family treasure. Your goals are self imposed so don't get on yourself for not completing. Sometimes that just happens. Have a great day. Sounds like you have set some very relaxing December goals.

  4. What a treasure your Advent Calendar is for your family to enjoy.

    You did well with your goals. Do we ever finish as much as we want to?

  5. What an adorable Advent calendar and it was made by you DFIL? Even better. Good luck with your December goals.

  6. Anonymous5:20 pm

    That advent calendar is lovely- what a wonderful family heirloom!

  7. What a special advent calendar!

  8. Your advent calendar is so beautiful. The cute children with theirpink cheeks are adorable! Definitely an heirloom.
    Your plan to make gifts until you don't want to make them anymore is a super idea. Sounds to me like you have a lot of your November goals met. Congratulations


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