Sunday, December 03, 2006

Birthday gift

We are going to a friend's for coffee and birthday cake soon.
She is celebrating her 50th birthday today and I have enjoyed myself putting together a gift for her.
This Santa cushion cover was fun to make. The motif is from a Nancy Halvorsen book - Pillow talk - with some adjustments. The back is from the red fabric, buttoned with wooden hearts.
With this cushion cover comes some other quilt goodies as well - 1 kit with fabric, 1 cardboard kit for a daily planner, 1 miniature pattern and a Piecemaker card with pattern.
I am sure the birthday girl will enjoy her gifts, and we are wishing her a wonderful day and many more to come.


  1. I am certain these gifts will be very much appreciated. You are so thoughtful. Have a good time at the party.

  2. What a cute cushion - love the santa! What a nice friend you are!

  3. What a cute cushion. I smiled the moment I saw it, I'm sure your friend will too.

  4. How thoughtful you are. I hope you enjoyed your time with friends.

  5. Adorable! Too bad about knitting giving your body fits. I can see where your DD would like the colors in the socks---is she the one with the purple and white quilt?

  6. What a cute Santa! How nice you are to make something so special for her

  7. Love the Santa cushion. I'm sure she'll love it and your thoughtfulness :)


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