Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Third Christmas Day

DH is working today, a 15 hour shift, so today is me time mostly :-)
Dinner will be leftovers from the fridge.

Here are some more of the gifts I made for Christmas. I did not make any big things for Christmas gifts this year and I started and finished each item before starting another, which gave me a chance to stop whenever I felt like it. A good plan B was laid, but did not get used.
The blue and green thread catcher was given as a set with the green needle book. Both were fun to make and a success at the receiver's end.
I use my thread catcher all the time and could use another. Not that it is worn out, but after 9 years of hanging on my sewing table it is faded and not exactly the fabrics or colours I would use today.
I enjoyed using the stitchery angels I made earlier in the autumn for these gifts.
The needle books are 6" squares folded and very handy for bringing around. I use mine all the time. The 2 inside pockets holds all I need and the batting book sides can hold small quilt block pieces and needles.


  1. Everything looks lovely Hanne. You can send one of those needlebooks here if you would like :-)

  2. You make so many lovely items. I like each of these gifts.

  3. You really made some lovely gifts. Doyou have a link to a pattern for the thread catcher? I could use one of those!

  4. Lovely! (I have one of those thread catchers - I use the pin cushion all the time, but usually forget to use the thread catcher part.)

  5. All lovely things you have made. I have one threadcathcer too that now is not so pretty anymore. So perhaps I try to sew another one soon.

  6. I really need that pattern for the thread catcher. My floor would greatly appreciate it instead of getting all my thread and bits all over. Where did you get the pattern from?

  7. the gifts you made a lovely Hanne. I'm sure those who received them were happy with them.

  8. Anonymous8:58 am

    The gifts you made are lovely. The thread catcher is one of those things I've been meaning to make for years but never got around to it :-)

  9. Your friends are lucky to revieve gifts like these. Whis I were one of them. LOL. You do such nice work.


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