Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Second Christmas Day

We count the Christmas Days like this in Norway - Christmas Eve as the celebration time and First Christmas Day 25. December, Second Christmas Day 26. December and so on.
The shops are closed through today and tomorrow is a working day again, also called the big Christmas gift changing day.

All who got doubles or thing they did not enjoy are out in the shops tomorrow.

I find it is time to start showing you the December secrets. I have to edit some of the photos, as they are still on my camera.

This cushion cover was made for a friend who is very fond of the Advent time and decorates with purple in the time before Christmas.
She is often talking about making more in purple, so here is an addition to her collection. I could not get the colours to show very well on the photo.

For the machine embroiderers out there - the Santa at the top is from The Purple Hat. I have used the design a lot and it looks good.
I don't do much machine embroidery anymore, as my old Pfaff 7570 has seen better days, but maybe for next Christmas it can do some more work.


  1. Anonymous12:43 pm

    How cute, Hanne ! I'm sure "the lady who loves purple and Advent time" will love it (I think I guess who it is....) !
    Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas card you've sent to me (+ pattern !), I'll certainly make for next Christmas (and will have no excuse for not having the time to do it !)

    Biiiig hugs & smiles,

  2. Love the cushion. Today is called "Boxing Day" in the UK, although I'm not really sure of the history behind it! The shops are open again and everyone is busy hitting the sales and swapping gifts. Happy xmas to you :)

  3. Merry christmas Hanne and I wish you a happy new year. Hope you get your operation soon and will feel better. The purple cushion is beautiful. I have decided to start making next years christmasgifts earlier next year. It became a bit stressfull the last weeks before christmas. Now I will enjoy some time in my sewingroom before my boyfriend is returning back to me on friday.

  4. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Hanne the pillow in purple i just love it. Happy me i am det lucky owner. Beautiful work

  5. Love the cushion - what a delightful gift for your friend. You have such a kind heart!

    I wish that our tradition here allowed for a second holiday today, the 26th. I've always enjoyed the 26th as a quiet day. Today the exchanging begins - the stores opened very, very early and the lines will be long. I'm staying home - LOL.

  6. what a great pillow - the santa is so cute too!

  7. What a beautiful pillow


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