Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One day at a time

I had a visit on Sunday and worked on a toiletry purse for a new baby, with stitchery and a little patchwork, but it is not done yet. Maybe it will be finished tomorrow. I need to find a zipper for it.

I am working on some applique book as I joined May Britt's challenge of making blocks from Applique Designs - My Mother Taught Me To Sew book. I made the first one and a half blocks before Christmas. May Britt's challenge is to do one a week. I think I can do one every other week, but you never know ;-)
I can see I need practise, practise, practise!
The blocks finish 6". This is the first block in the new year.

I have given away all my knitting needles and the rest of my knitting patterns to a friend this evening.
As I do not knit anymore and do not plan to do it again - my arms hurt and I don't have fun with it anymore - I thought is was a good plan and my friend was thrilled.

I crochet this hat for myself this afternoon. I am much faster with a crochet hook than with knitting needles and it was fun.
I do not plan to crochet much but I needed a hat. I did not have a pattern so I played by ear.
I do not look good with a hat, but I do not look good with a cold either. ;-)
I must admit I obsess about not catching a cold right now, and even if it is not cold it is typical catching cold weather, and right now I want to be better safe than sorry. It is just above freezing and with a cold wind. I can wear a hat for 3 weeks. I guess it will come in handy later too :-)

Thanks a lot for all the comments and all the private mails on my upcoming colostomy - it is very very appreciated.
I went down with jellyfish bones after the letter came - all this waiting has taken a high toll, so I needed to regroup myself.
I am bouncing back now - taking daily steps. Only 3 weeks now, minus 1 day, and I have to go off my meds after the upcoming weekend. That will be a tough one, but I will come through, one day at a time.
All your lovely comments and mails was very comforting, not only to me but also to my family!

Here are some roses for you for being who you are - I appreciate your company!


  1. I like your crocheted hat. I haven't crocheted since I started quilting over two years ago.

    I'll watch your progress (and May's) on the applique blocks. It will be fun to watch everyone's choices and how they turn out.

  2. Love it. You have such beatiful fabrics in your block. I understand you are afraid of catching the cold now. But stay warm and drink a lot of tea. Garlic is very healthy they say :)
    I cross my fingers.

  3. What a great quilty start to the year to make an applique block! Doing a block every other week sounds like a good plan.
    The crocheted hat is lovely, and I hope it keeps you warm and healthy for a long time to come.
    I don't know anything about colostomys, but any surgery would be scary, and I wish it goes well for you, and brings you back to "normal". I'm sure the waiting is the hardest part.
    We enjoy reading your blog too, and being inspired by your quilting, so we want you to be around for a long long time.

  4. Take good care of yourself, Hanne. I know that waiting is difficult but you're getting closer to a better way of life!

    Your block is wonderful - love the colors!

    Letting go of all your knitting "stuff" must have felt wonderful. A major stress reliever knowing that's it's gone and you don't have to think about it anymore.

  5. You do such exquisite work. Things are going to get better every day for you.

  6. My sister made a crochet hat this year and I begged for it - so after I duly convinced her that I really did love it and would wear it - she gave it to me!!! Your open crochet work is similar to the one she did for me, but mine is more of a beret shape.

    Good for you to clear out a craft project if you are no longer interested in it. And - always wonderful to share crafts with friends - my very first quilts were made from scraps given to me, so I am big on sharing!



  7. Anonymous4:17 am

    You're very kind to give away your knitting - your friend must be thrilled. Good luck with your surgery. My son had a colostomy the day after he was born. It was easy for me to get used to changing the bag etc. He doesn't have it any more. I hope you will be happier after your procedure. Take things easy. I love your block - a lovely relaxing project for you over the next few weeks.

  8. Anonymous10:48 am

    Your hat looks great. Good luck with the upcoming surgery. I'll be thinking of you.


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