Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Looking back and forth

It is time to look back on December and look forth on January, right? :-)

I met my goals in December, nearly, if you don't count the hand quilting on the Watermelon quilt that did not happen - and who counts ? ;-)
I finished the stitchery tote - and use it daily,
and I finished many Christmas gifts, small and good, with no Ufos to drag after!

My January goals are even fewer than the December goals.
I want to work things already started, one week at a time.

The hospital waiting is taking a very high toll right now - constantly having my cell phone in my pocket and constantly looking for the postman, and I feel it is difficult to make plans.
I guess it can be weeks yet before I get a notice on a date if I am late in the January-February surgery group, but I am hoping for the very best, in fact I feel like I am waiting for a miracle. Miracles do happen, sometimes - that is why they are called miracles, because they are rare ;-)
I am sooo ready to get on with my life!!

I have 3 reachable goals for January though:

*Make 15 blocks for the Nearly Insane quilt
*Do some hand quilting on the Watermelon quilt
*Make the January block on the Angel quilt.

I have made 3 blocks for the Nearly Insane quilt since Monday. I am very inspired by Reiko in Japan. Her quilt is lovely! Her website loads a bit slow, but it is worth waiting for.
I have 12 blocks now, with the 3 I have made this week.
I could have said I am aiming at one block a day, but I have learned that cutting a goal in half makes it more realistic and reachable.
Every block more than 15 is pure bonus :-)
I have started this quilt twice before - one in blue, mustard and red. I stopped after 9 blocks and made a table cloth for my DSisIL. It was meant for a church confirmation gift for DH's godson. It was crazy from the beginning, as the colour combination did not sing to me and the time schedule was to tight.
The next blocks started in summer colours, hand dyes, and looks good. I made only a few blocks, but will probably redo the few blocks I have and do them more 2 colours, like this red and white. The hand dyes looks so good mixed with prints too. Maybe yellows and white, greens and white or lilacs and white - time will tell, but not this year I guess.
The few blocks lives well in my BOB (Bag of blocks) together with other blocks until it is time to work on them again.
Hmmm - greens and white sounds like a good combo when I am thinking about it. Lap quilt...... oh, these sweet dreams :-) Plans are good!


  1. many best wishes to you Hanne for 2007. I hope you get the call soon for your surgery and you will be well again.

  2. Hanne, wishing you health this year. I hope you get that call and get your surgery date scheduled ASAP. In the mean time I hope that your quilting will be a comfort for you and give you peace as you sew and create. Blessings to you!

  3. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Godt nytt år og lykke til med Nearly Insane du også! Jeg har ikke satt meg så høye mål, men skal hvertfall prioritere 4 i mnd. og gjerne fler. Du har sett mine og mine venninners - i bloggen min? Det er laaaangt igjen *fnis*

    Masse flott i bloggen din. Jeg er imponert over alt du rekker å lage! og så flott som alt er! Virkelig inspirerende!

  4. You red and white blocks are beautiful and your workmanship is superb.
    Best wishes for good health in 2007.

  5. You've done an excellent job of meeting your goals for December, and I wish you much success in meeting your goals for the upcoming year. That Nearly Insane quilt is so beautiful - I don't know why I was picturing something with much brighter colors.
    I wish you good health for 2007 and beyond also.

  6. Those blocks just sing..........

    Yes, another lovely quilt in the making.

  7. Love those blocks, Hanne!

    Good health wishes to you!

  8. Good luck with the goals.I hope you get a surgery date soon!

  9. Your blocks are beautiful Hanne! I hope things go well for you this year with your health.

  10. I love your red and white blocks! You are doing a great job on them.

    I hope you get your surgery soon. Nothing worse than have to wait.


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