Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Progress !

My January blocks are done and I am so proud :-)
Putting them together like this, with my only 2006 block to the upper right, I see how beautiful they are!
As you see I am using my CW repros and I am loving the colours and how they go together. I am mixing in other fabrics as well - I am after a look more than a time frame.
This is the year I am not saving my best fabric for something else :-)
I have added the January limited buy button on my sidebar.
I have already bought something, for 2 ongoing projects - red fabric for the corner stones, zig zag border and binding for my NI quilt and some beige fabric for my Angel BOM, but that was before the button.
I do really have all I need for a long time, and those small blocks I am working on do hardly bust any fabrics.
After my surgery I will do some care quilts again, but right now I have enough with what I am working on.
DD1's cross stitch embroidery is also moving forward, but I must admit it is boooring. I try to do a couple of threads every day, and it makes a difference.
My Nearly Insane blocks have been neglected, but I will work on them for a couple of days now so also they can have a progress.
Health wise - 2 weeks minus 2,5 days and counting. No meds are not at all nice, but I do what I have to do and it will be over before long. Clinging to my sewing here ;-)


  1. Your blocks are lovely. We are going to have some special memories attached to this quilt.

    Hang on tight to that sewing machine and things will be so much better soon.

  2. Anonymous6:23 pm

    And a beautiful progress ! Your blocks are soooo beautiful, Hanne ! (I'm about regretting my color choice !....)
    Yes, I imagine it mustn't be easy without any medications, but as you say, now it's a question of days.... Hold on !

    Biiiiig hugs & smiles !

  3. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Hanne, som alltid nydelig....

  4. Your blocks are beautiful, and you have the right to be proud of them. Since you bought the fabric for projects, I think you're fine with the no buying rule.
    You are in my thoughts and my prayers as you deal with your health issues.
    Take care of yourself!

  5. Those blocks are wonderful! I hope the next two weeks pass quickly and more pleasantly than you expect them to. Please keep us updated on your surgery and recoverty.

  6. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Hanne ,
    As usual you are doing such a charming work ...chosing in your fabric ' collection' ...;much better word as stach , no ?

  7. Everything you have made, or created is just so beautiful. Norwegians have some special gift for sewing and embroidery, etc. Many of us quilters in our U.S. guild shrink from the word "applique", unfortunately... I wonder why?

    With your surgery date, there is finally a plan for you. I am wishing you a quick and successful surgery.

  8. Love those blocks Hanne! Great fabrics and darling designs. Take care.

  9. Such pretty blocks Hanne. We are counting the days with you:) I can;t wait to see some more NI blocks-If I did not already have so many projects I would kump into that one too!! Hugs..

  10. Those blocks are really beautiful. How many do you plan to make?


  11. You made all of those blocks in January when you aren't feeling well? Excellent job, Hanne. The embroidery details are a great addition. Best of luck with your surgery, hope the Day arrives very quickly for you.

  12. Anonymous2:06 pm

    The blocks look lovely. I hope you aren't feeling too poorly without your medication and that the big day comes quickly.

  13. Your blocks look great in the civil war fabrics! I love the blocks and have enjoyed watching May's go up, too.

  14. Anonymous11:56 pm

    but how you make to do as many pretty quilt, it is really trés beautiful, I am admiring, I like much your choice of blocks with the fabrics red


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