Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wednesday update

I am keeping busy here, as you see :-)
Now I am up to 7 Nearly Insane blocks this month, lacking 8 to fill this month's goal. I can do it!
I did these 3 today, but I am not doing the most challenging yet.
Maybe I should try one tomorrow ?
DD1's cross stitch Eeyore is dead boring, but I think I can finish it over the weekend and then make a cushion with DD1's embroideries.
She loves the idea and that is nice and inspiring :-)
This has been a very stressful day. A hospital strike is spreading, starting this morning, and my hospital, Akershus Universitetssykehus, is next in line, striking from Monday morning. 100 doctors and surgeons are on the strike list on my hospital according to the radio news, and the strike will affect and postpone all scheduled surgeries.
The strike will is very high and the parties have not scheduled any new meetings according to the television news.
Weekend coming up I doubt we will hear more news before next week at the earliest.
If this strike do not end very very soon my chances of getting my surgery is very slim now.
The waiting will be much longer, as the rescheduled surgeries will not be first in line.
Again I am having my cell phone in my pocket all day and am on a constant lookout for the postman - very stressful - just waiting to get a notice for a postponing of my surgery.
Hold your thumbs, cross your fingers, send strong thoughts for a quick solution to this strike!!
You will see some intensive sewing from this seamstress over the weekend - that is for sure !!


  1. They are beautiful Hanne. I hope the strike does not mess up your date!! Stay calm, breathe...

  2. Oh Hanne, I'n so sorry to hear about this frustrating news! I hope it all turns out OK. Keeping you in my thoughts ...

  3. Hanne, I'm sorry to hear abut the strike - I know this worry is the last thing you need. I hope that it won't end up effecting your surgery in the end.

  4. I'm so mad at this strike. How can they do this. I cross my fingers that this will end soon and you get your surgery. Hugs.

  5. I love those blocks you are making, the striking red really appeals to me!

  6. My fingers and toes are crossed for you and I'm sending good thoughts your way! Love those blocks! SEW!SEW!SEW! Great stress reliever :)

  7. lots of positive thoughts your way-Hanne, your blocks are beautiful.

  8. The red blocks just sing Valentine's day---You're in my prayers. Stock up on handsewing for the recouperation period.

  9. Tankene mine går til deg og fingeren krysses for at ikke din operason vil bli utsatt.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about the strike :-( Fingers crossed for you. Meanwhile, your blocks are excellent!

  11. Prayers Hanne. I know strikes are a pain but then again we are not with the understanding of those striking. I will pray it gets settled before your surgery. Your blocks are beautiful.

  12. Your blocks are great, and almost intricate enough to keep your mind off other things. I hope the strike is over quickly. Is this over money? It seems unfair that cancelled surgeries wouldn't come first, pushing back all the others.

  13. Anonymous10:05 am

    Oh, Hanne, I'm so sorry about that strike ! I pray for everything to be solved before your surgery date... I can imagine how you feel. Courage and patience, my friend, we're all crossing our fingers... Your blocks are real beauties !
    Biiiig hugs & smiles,

  14. The red and white blocks are really tempting. I'm starting to feel like I'm going to start a red-and-white Dear Hannah. And I've only done one third of the DJ blocks!

    So if I start a Dear Hannah, you are responsible...


  15. Oh Hanna - hope everything gets sorted. Those red blocks are gorgeous. Are you really sure you can't spare me just one *vbs*.


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