Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday sewing

A long day has come to its end and I have 2 quilts ready for machine quilting tomorrow. You can see I have the most wonderful quilt helpers - DH and DD2. They are so good at making quilt sandwiches for me and with the help of basting spray they sandwich a quilt in no time.

The strike hit me today and I had a phone call telling my surgery on Monday is off if the strike does not end.
First I felt nothing but despair, then I took to the only good quilter's remedy I know - power sewing.
I finished the blue and green top and also finished the string quilt top with simple border. Nothing to calm me like a noisy sewing machine.
Both quilts look very good - in fact surprisingly good.
DD2 said that she often wonder when I am in process how this can look good, but she is often surprised in the end.
Both of these quilts are sewn with fabrics given to me - not my taste to begin with.
My DH told DD2 that I always make good looking quilts and that is my magic touch. What a vote of confidence - he is a keeper indeed :-)
The strike parties are meeting as we speak. I hope they will come to a solution through the night. If not, you will see more power sewing in the weeks to come. What I was told this morning was that I will not know a new date before the strike is over, and that they will prioritize the cancelled surgeries over a 12 weeks period from then. I am sure many patients are having a tough time together with me right now. Many has had cancellations since Thursday last week.


  1. Hanne,
    Your quilts are wonderful as always. How great to have such wonderful helpers. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers and pray that your surgery will not be too delayed.

  2. Oh dear - I am sorry to read about your surgery, perhaps the strike will be averted at the last minute and everything will still go ahead - continued prayers for you while you wait.

    You sure are doing some wonderful sewing while you're waiting. Love your string blocks with the red - really quite striking.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry your surgery appears to be not going to happen. The quilts look great . . as do your helpers.

    Judy L.

  4. Isn't it wonderful to have something so worthwhile to fall back on when things are not going as we would want them to? Power sewing is wonderful therapy. Hang in there!

  5. I'm sorry to hear the news about the strike - hopefully they'll get their act together and back on schedule.

    How nice to have helpers - the string quilt looks great - I love the blues with the red sashing.

  6. Anonymous7:49 am

    tu as trouvé de l'aide .. super

  7. Anonymous9:22 am

    Yes, Hanne, you've got that "magic touch" in your quilts ! And how lucky you are to get such nice helpers !
    I cross my fingers (and toes) for you, and I still believe that this strike will come to an end, early enough for you to get your surgery on time....
    Keep smiling, keep quilting !

    Biiig hugs & smiles,

  8. Anonymous10:04 am

    Sorry to hear that your surgery was cancelled. I hope they come to an agreement quickly. Your quilts look great, and you are so lucky to have helpers!

  9. Kjempeflotte quilter Hanne. Og streiken er avblåst så da håper jeg at du får operasjonen som planlagt. klem fra Sigrun:-))

  10. First, those are both lovely quilts & you are so lucky to have two good helpers.

    Second, I hope that the strikes get fixed soon & if not I hope that you are rescheduled soon.

  11. I will cross my fingers for your surgery to get reschuled very very quickly!

    Both quilts look wonderul!


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