Saturday, January 20, 2007

You know you are a quilter at heart.........

You know you are a quilter at heart when you react to stress by cutting up fabrics and by sewing up a storm :-)
At least that is what I did yesterday and today.
I was recently gifted with fabrics from my guild. The fabrics used to belong to a lovely lady in my guild who lost the battle against cancer 2 years ago.
She gave all her fabrics to the guild to sell after her death and I got what was left after the sales for the care quilts.
I know my guild friend would have liked that, but you can imagine that the fabrics left after the sale are not the easiest ones to work with, as well as the fact that she had a very different taste from mine.
Well - yesterday I sorted all the fabrics - a whole box full - by colours, and had a very close look.
I picked the best of the blues and the greens and started making 4-patches.
My energy meter is not as good as it usually are, so I got tired and lost steam faster than I use too, and must admit I regretted the whole project.
I have made 35 blocks now, and cut them to size, 7", with a good spoonful of pure will.
I will now put the blocks in a zip lock bag, so they are ready next time I need some stress venting ;-)
The setting will be 5 x 7 blocks and a couple of pieces of flannel I also found in the box are washed and ready to be joined for backing.
I will lay out the blocks on the floor on Monday, when my beloved grand-cat and quilt inspector has gone home. Maybe I can start join the blocks then, an hour at a time.
Now I even am longing for the cross stitch Eeyore and smaller arm movements - hmmm - not to bad ;-)
I am really longing to do some more NI blocks as well!
No news on the strike.


  1. Great way to let off steam. The blocks are going to make a wonderful quilt for someone.

    Praying that the strike does not interfere with your surgery.

  2. Hanne, you get more done when you don't feel good than most of us do when we are just fine. Well, I'll speak for myself, anyway. I am saying a prayer for you and that nasty situation. Drs on strike seems very heartless. (Don't make him a quilt)!

  3. You may not like those fabrics, but those blocks are great. Good way to relieve some stress.

  4. Anonymous6:26 pm

    I hope the strike is finished soon for the best of all of you. I'm praying for the best.
    You have a splendid strenght and this will help you, I'm sure.
    The red blocks of the previous posts look wonderful.

  5. I agree, some of those fabrics are... a bit out there, but you made them work together quite nicely. Looks great.

  6. Anonymous8:50 am

    The blocks are looking great. I hope you get your operation soon. It can't be easy with all this waiting. Hooray for quilting, cross stitch and friends!


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