Saturday, February 24, 2007

A slow week

Sewing wise it has been a very slow week.
I ran into a spell of post-op and post-waiting-list fatigue and have felt very drained. I guess it is the next phase after mosquito brain, so all in all I am healing well. I have got my brain back, or so I think. If you think otherwise I do not need to know ;-)

I also started physical rehab exercises at my physiotherapist Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have a lot of work to do to get this tired body back on track. I have a list of exercises to do here at home too, on the floor and on my exercise bike.

Recognize the Watermelon quilt ?
I started hand quilting it again yesterday, and when I found the rhythm I enjoyed doing the Baptist Fans very much. I have no time schedule for this one, but it would be nice to be done this spring.

The stitchery is done and I got DH to lift my box of CW repros so I could frame it. I thought about hand quilting this one too, but I will do it by machine so I can get it done this weekend. I will make a cushion and change a worn out cushion front. The back of the worn out cushion has not any significant signs of wear, so I thought I can just change the front.
My family really use the cushions. Very nice, as I like to make cushions.

This stitchery was not that nice to do, as the pre-printed muslin did not needle well. It was hard and stiff.
Note to self - check the muslin before buying pre-printed stitcheries in the future, if possible !

One more NI block.
I had plans for the week including sewing a daily NI block.
Well - the best laid plans - you know.
Plans not seen through are better than no plans, right? ;-)


  1. I do remember your Watermelon quilt. I think it is a great one. I hope the hand quilting goes well on it.

    You seem to be getting better every day. I'm glad to hear that. I hope your progress continues.

    I like your stitchery and thanks for the tip to check pre-printed muslin before buying it.

  2. Hanne, I hope the physical therapy goes well so that soon you are feeling better. Your NI blocks are beautiful.

  3. Am so glad you're on your way to a full recovery.I just love your red and white quilt blocks. I love those colors together. I see your embroidery work and want to do some but I don't think it would be as lovely as yours. Those embroidery patterns are too cute.

  4. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Hanne, I check your blog daily. I found it sometime back and you hooked me immediately into wanting to see more of your beautiful work. Whether it is your stitcheries or your sewing, it is all so well done! I worried about you during your wait and surgery time and then this past week. Crazy! I live in the US in Indiana, so far away and have never even met you! Please know you are thought of with wishes for a speedy recovery!
    Debbie Jo

  5. The NI quilt is really moving in the right direction.

    The Watermelon quilt is on track and you have even finished a pillow.

    Seems as though you have your groove back................

  6. Hope you get your energy back soon. I'm loving my Baptist Fan template for my machine but still hope to do some by hand one of these days. It's been a long time since I hand quilted anything.


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