Friday, March 30, 2007

Absolutely overwhelmed !

Today I am celebrating 2 months since my surgery :-)
I have increased my physical activity a lot, and I am really enjoying my new life. I still get tired easily, but I am increasing my strength day by day.

I have not been leaving many comments around the ring lately, as I have been feeling tired, but I promise to do so very soon. I have been enjoying the photos but not been reading very much.

I am now allowed to lift more than 1 kg (2lbs) again - since Tuesday this week.
Off course I lifted some of my fabric boxes - but - I am overwhelmed by what I own - a feeling I was not prepared for........

You might think I have a sewing room full of fabric ?
Here is what I had in July last year. It had increased by 2 full drawer in my wardrobe and a big plastic bag.
This shelf is in the master bedroom, and I have a sewing corner in a corner of our living room.

Why so overwhelmed ?
During my reconvalescence period I have had only a few projects to work on - my red and white NI blocks, the AD applique blocks and stitchery + the x-stitch embroidery.
I have had what I needed here at hand, in my corner,
and what I see it that I have not missed anything much.
Meeting with my fabrics again I find that a lot of them are outdated for my current taste, from a couple of years back and back, to the time we moved here, 10-12 years ago and some older.

The 2 drawers + the big plastic bag of fabrics has been given to me to use for care quilts, from the estates of 2 diseased quilters + from my aunt who had to give up sewing due to an eye injury. She still knits and do wonderful embroidery.
I have already made 4 quilts from their fabrics - also the 2 care quilts in January.

How to tackle this fabric over-abundance ?

First I picked all the Christmas fabrics out of the given-to-me-drawers and took it back to the guild board that generously gave it to me together with the fabrics from one of the estates because they know I make care quilts. As far as I know I am the only one around here.....
I do not enjoy to use Christmas fabrics, and these were curtain quality, and not very suitable for children's quilts. Maybe someone else will use them to back placemats or something else. It was many meters in 1 and 2 meter cuts. 1 yard = 0,9 meter.
I must add that all of this lady's best fabrics were already sold when I got this full box.... It was what we call here a mix of Lobster & Canary - rather on the canary side if I may say so.....

Then I took the full plastic bag of sheet quality coloured muslin and dropped it off at Salvation Army drop off point. The good pieces I have already used as foundation for string quilts.
The pieces in the bag were very usable for curtains, one colour cushions, school or kindergarten sewing, and I am sure it will find new good owners.

Next I said no thank you to more fabrics from a friend, and from now on I will sew from my own fabrics only!

All this happened in one day - Wednesday this week - as well as starting the above string quilt from the one donation drawer left - adding a few of my own purples.
It took me 3 days to finish the blocks and the backing, and I can see it made a dent in the purple fabrics.
I have pieced the backing too, from my own fabric collection. Nothing fancy, just 1/3 meters full width of fabric pieced together.
I will add a narrow purple border to the front and I hope to join these blocks and have it spray basted and started machine quilted this weekend.

More care quilts will appear through the year and very few purchases will be done.
I promise myself to do few purchases for the rest of the year, and only fabrics I will wash, cut and use at once!
I want to empty the last given-to-me-fabrics-drawer and make a visible dent in the rest as well.
I have already given this promise, but now with an absolutely stronger motivation!

So far in March I have purchased 10 meters of fabrics - 4 meters of quilt fabrics and 6 meters of muslin.
A good friend over the big pond sends me Ecology Cloth from her bolt and I just received 5 meters. It is so lovely, and way above everything we can get here.
The 1 meter of muslin bought here is already used in the string quilt and I have cut in to the meters of quilt fabrics too and have specific realistic plans for all of it :-)
I do not use Ecology Cloth for string quilts, as it is quilt top quality.


  1. Oh Hanne, your string blocks are wonderful! I love what you did with the colors!

  2. Anonymous11:17 pm

    I'm impressed by your organization and self-control! Way to go! The new string quilt is really pretty and the colors are very "happy". Someone will really love this quilt!

  3. I went through my fabric and donated a bunch when I moved but still found stuff I didn't love when I unpacked it. I just hate to get rid of it knowing that it can be used for scrap quilts.

    I love the new string blocks - the green is a nice touch with the pink and purple.

  4. That is a wonderful string quilt! You always impress me with your prolific creativity. I'm happy your health continues to be good since your surgery and hope your stamina increases daily.

  5. Wow, you really had a full day! This was really all done in just one day? The string quilt is absolutely beautiful. It's amazing how different they look when one follows a planned color scheme. Sounds like you are definitely getting strength back - I can't believe it's already been that long!

  6. Great job on organizing your stash. Sometimes we just have to "let go" of fabric. Sounds like you found a good home for it.

  7. good to hear you are getting your strength back.

    Your String quilt looks great.

  8. Your strings are lovely. You have inspired me to get back to mine.

    You had a full day, and I'll bet it feels good to get organized. Just don't overdo it! Take it easy, and your strength and stamina will come back!


  9. Can I ask what the Ecology Cloth is? I have not heard of this. Glad you are felling better these days.

  10. It sounds like you were overwhelmed with everyone's generosity at once! I really like what you are doing with the pink and purple blocks, though. Very pretty!

    Your red and white blocks are really coming along. You have quite a few finished now, and they look wonderful!

    I'm glad you are progressing along that healing track. I remember when my mom had surgery and could lift her hand over her head to do her own hair again, how happy she was!


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