Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More blocks - and a finish

More NI blocks - and the more I do the more fun they are :-)
The star is hand pieced and is the first hand pieced block in this quilt so far.

The blue heart block finish 5,5" and has been my outdoor hand work in the sun. I like the thought of combining stitchery and patchwork and has more blocks in my head. The heart is reverse applique and gives an good frame feeling to the blocks.

And finally the finish - DD1's abandoned Eeyore x-stitch!
She had some flaws worked in and I have worked around them and winged it a little here and there. The pattern had a copyright statement saying one can only make one from this pattern. Hand on heart - I will Never Ever make this one again, ever ;-)
It has 9 x-stitches to 1/4" square.
This was the last of DD1's un-finished Disney x-stitches. I will join them all in a cushion front for her.
Her last abandoned x-stitch embroidery will be put in the archive for another time, together with some of mine.


  1. These works are all beautiful.
    I like very much the star. ciao ciao

  2. We've been enjoying unseasonably warm weather too. We're forecast to go back to cooler weather, but at least the snow has melted. I love these two blocks. The stars look like they have inset seams. Handquilting is the only way to do it for me....

  3. I am loving your NI blocks - they are so pretty. Eeyore is cute and I'm glad that you're happy to have finished it. A cushion is a lovely way to put it together so that it can now be enjoyed.

    Enjoy your weather - spring has arrived here in Canada as well.

  4. I bet it feels SO good to finish Eeyore! He is awfully cute - he is my son-in-law's favorite pooh character. So many of his sweatshirts are Eeyore shirts from the Disney store!

  5. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Your red and white NI blocks are gorgeous !! I have a question about the second block....are the red triangles on the left side meant to go in a different direction than the triangles on the other three sides?

  6. Well done, Hanne. What a great mom to finish up DD's abandoned project even though it did not appeal to you.

  7. Wow the more I see the more I like. May get the EQ file from you. I will have EQ in a few days hopefully.

  8. I really love your NI blocks, Hanne!

  9. Oh he is sooo sweet! I love your blue heart! And the NI blocks are wonderful!

  10. I love your blue heart block. Such beautiful stitchery!

  11. Such beautiful blocks! You get so much accomplished!



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