Thursday, March 15, 2007

Adding more blocks

4 more NI blocks and now my count is 35 blocks, 1/3 done + 2.
I like these blocks more and more the more I work with them, and I am looking forward to see the finished quilt.
As you see, my grand-cat and quilt inspector is taking her job serious :-)

DD1 is away on a class trip to Rome, Italy this week, so my grand-cat is spending the week here.
Today she had a great time exploring the great outdoors.
She is on a string yet, but will be let out without a string before long.

The great outdoors is a heaven of smells, sounds and textures.
The grand-cat is recently spayed and she has got an id chip under her neck skin and a tattoo in her ear.
She is part Norwegian Wood Cat through a true backyard mix and will never be happy living a full time indoor life.


  1. Så fine stoffer du bruker i de rød/hvite blokkene dine

  2. Love your red and white blocks. I'm looking forward to seeing t he finished quilt, too. Your grandcat looks adorable.

  3. I wish I have snow to play with. I love your Grand-Cat, she is cute and knows how to live a good life.

  4. I like this red and white color scheme better than any other I've seen for the NI quilt I think. You are doing a marvelous job!

  5. Anonymous12:10 pm

    She's a very cute cat! Your nearly insane blocks look wonderful in the red and white.

  6. I love the reds and whites in your NI blocks. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole project when you get it together (goodness knows I would never have the patience for it!)

  7. This blocks are very gorgeus. I hope that your DD1
    will love Rome.(DD 1 is for daughter?)
    Rome is fantastic. ciao ciao from Italy

  8. Hanne, all your red and white blocks are beautiful! I love them!

  9. Such a wonderful grand-cat. How good of her to visit you and do such good work as a quilt inspector.

  10. wonderful blocks! And gotta love those inspector kitties. what a cutie!

  11. I love the blocks and the kitty! Did she approve of the blocks?? I have a quilting dog! Need to post his pic on my blog!

  12. Hanne, will these blocks be going on point? I see the pieced HST block--doubt it was because the rotary cutter blade slipped.

    Oh, what a precious baby kitty. She has such a pretty coloring.

  13. Your blocks are beautiful. I know you must enjoy your Grandcat as much as I enjoy mine. She has such pretty markings.


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