Thursday, March 22, 2007

A week of very small steps

Summing up the last week it is clear it has been a week of very small steps - in the right direction.

Main focus has been to move around and building strength + resting.
Sounds like a contradiction, I know, but it does work.

As you see, I have done some sewing as well and now I am up to 40 blocks!
My un-official goal for March is 15 blocks and now I am there :-)
These blocks are really addictive, but now I need to slow down (not that I have been working very fast on these blocks either.... ) and do something else too, like working on DD1's abandoned x-stitch Eeyore.
I Want him done this month, but it is dead boring, to say it mildly.
I guess Eeyore's appearance and attitude does not appeal to me.....
To work, oh bold x-stitcher! ;-)


  1. What pretty little blocks you're doing - I love watching your sewing progress, your work is so neat. Glad to hear that you're also making progress with healing your body and gaining some more strength.

  2. I just love your NI cute...and so beautifully pieced. Glad to hear you are slowly gaining strength.

  3. I am always in awe of how precise your blocks are.

    Just think of how good you are going to feel when Eeyore is done......

  4. I have been lurking on your blog for ages but didn't have a blog until earlier last month. Now it is easier to leave a comment. I have been eagerly looking at all you NI blocks and think they are wonderful. So much so I finally found where you were getting them from. They are so small for all the detail. Are you paper piecing? Anyway now I have a book of my own and not sure when I will get started but now I can have a go. Love you work.

  5. Lovely,lovely,lovely! They look good enough to eat.

  6. Anonymous9:56 pm

    toujours aussi beau !!!! tu me fais craquer avec ces couleurs!!

  7. Your red and white blocks continue to be total knock outs, wow!

  8. Your blocks are just amazing Hanne, you do such lovely work. My friend is contemplating buying the NI book, and I have encouraged her to do so, and told her of your lovely blocks.
    I don't think I could face cross stitch right now either - I did that whole Beatrix Potter alphabet around 12 years ago, and I'm not ready to do any more in a hurry!

  9. I am always amazed with your NI blocks. Do you machine piece them or hand piece them?

    I think your impression of Eeyore is accurate. He is boring.

  10. Your blocks are beautiful, Hanne. I absolutely love the red!

  11. Your blocks are just lovely! I just can't wait to see the quilt put together. =)

  12. Your blocks are beautiful the red and white is so crisp looking

  13. Hello!
    very weel done Ane!
    This work is very nice. thank you
    have a good weekend

  14. These are so wonderful Hanne! And I'm so glad you are building up strength - that is good to hear!

  15. Anonymous5:54 pm

    So, that's what you call "very SMALL steps" ?
    These bloks are breathtaking, Hanne, and sewn with such care and precision ! (not to speak about your fabrics choice !)
    Really, that's what I call accomplishment !
    Do you intend to teach them ? (write my name first n your students list !..... Gee, how very patient you'll have to be ! LOL)

    Hugs & smiles !

  16. I get more excited each time I see your gorgeous NI blocks. Seeing several pictured together like that really looks terrific! Good luck with Eeyore. You have a whole week + to work on him.

  17. Truly beautiful work.

  18. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Så masse fint på siden din!
    Håper det er ok at jeg har linket deg.

  19. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Jeg er helt forelsket i de NI-blokkene dine! Fargene er bare så delikate og for et nydelig arbeid du gjør! Jeg koser meg ofte med bloggen din. Her er så mye fint og inspirerende å se på. Ha en fortsatt god søndag!

  20. Seeing your little red/white blocks makes me wish I'd started my Midget blocks in a two-colorway. Your blocks are wonderful. Great job in meeting your goal. Take care of yourself.

  21. I just love looking at these red and white blocks the more and more I see them!! They are wonderful!

  22. Anonymous5:18 pm

    How I love those red and white blocks...A little something of folk looking, something fresh, something springy, something young, and all those variations of NI, lovely, lovely...Good luck for the future ones !

  23. Those Nearly Insane blocks are just fantastic. Your work is so precise and lovely! Glad you are continuing to heal up nicely!

  24. Anonymous12:39 pm

    The red/pink NI blocks look wonderful - so clean and fresh. The whole quilt will be stunning :-)

  25. cara hanne, grazie per aver visitato il mio blog!
    Neanche io parlo bene la tua lingua quindi scrivo in italiano...
    Questi blocchi bianchi e rossi sono davvero belli! e anche il gatto, io amo i gatti! :)

  26. The more I see of your little red and white blocks the more I love them. This is going to be one stunning quilt. I'm glad you are giving yourself time to recover slowly. Major surgery is just that - a major shock to the body. I think you are doing marvelously so far. Still sending lots of positive healing thoughts your way.


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