Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Time flies

The saying goes that time flies when one is having fun, and I might add that time flies when one has a lot to do.
The to do list has been dominant here, but I am having a good time too, with my improving health and with needle and thread.

I am keeping my physiotherapist busy every other day, and I am doing exercises daily at home. It is paying off with increasing strength and energy, but it takes time and can not be rushed.

You must think I have something going with red and white these days ;-)

These small stitcheries I got as a gift for Christmas. I did 2 right away and now the other 2 are done too.
The sayings are, from top left:
* It is Christmas again - the pig
* You and me and dompappen. (A red breasted sparrow we see in winter) It is a phrase from a song.
* Have you been good this year - the Santa (Nisse in Norwegian)
* Make a snowman

I will put the stitcheries away in my BOB (box of blocks) for now, but plan to do another set of 4 before Christmas, so I can make ourselves some Christmas placemats.

I have been hand quilting on the Watermelon quilt too and it is slowly moving forward. I can see the half done mark soon - within a week or so - yeah !

Another Nearly Insane block is done and another one is in the making. The blocks are 6" finished and I have not done any of the really difficult ones yet. I need to get the count up a bit more first ;-)
Some of these blocks have a gazillion pieces in them.


  1. Hi Hanne
    Love the blocks for Nearly Insane. What are you working off? Are you just making things up as you go or are you following a pattern. The blocks look fantastic and I want to make a sample block quilt. Love your stitcheries and looking at your blog.

  2. You are definitely in a red and white period right now. The stitcheries are adorable. I like the idea of a block box. Sounds like a box to dip into when you want to make something but don't want to start from scratch.

  3. The Nearly Insane block is gorgeous. The piecing looks perfect. Are you referring to a DJ quilt? :)

  4. You are definitely seeing lots of red and white these days, Hanne. Your stitchery projects are always so beautiful and your Nearly Insane blocks are gorgeous! I need a BOB box - cute!

  5. Your embroidery blocks are going to make cheerful place mats. That will help dispel the winter gloom.

    Good going on the Watermelon quilting. I am looking forward to seeing it done.

  6. So cute, and best of all, not tooo complicated nor demanding. Love them! Glad you're gaining back your strength.

  7. I am so happy you have made these stitheries. They are so cute. I have only made two of mine yet. Turning them into placemats was a very good idea, maybe I do it too.

  8. Are white and red becoming back to fashion, we see a lot of them these days. Maybe you set the trend with your beautiful Nearly Insane blocks and the cute stitchery. Keep well and take care!

  9. My goodness Hanne, you sure have been busy! I'm so pleased you're getting stronger, I think of you so often wondering how you're going.

  10. Anonymous7:00 pm

    It seems your needles are flying, too ! LOL
    Beautiful, and so cheerful !
    Big hugs & smiles !

  11. Anonymous11:31 pm

    que c'est beau , j'aime beaucoup ton bloc rouge!!!

  12. your stitcheries and block are lovely.

    I've just noticed your "Low Fabric Diet" list in your sidebar. What great way to keep a track of how things are going.

  13. Those NI blocks are amazing! This will be an amzing quilt once you have managed to sew all those blocks...if you have not gone insane before then! ;)
    Your embroidery pieces are lovely too!
    well done!


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