Sunday, April 22, 2007

2 finishes

Time has really been running fast this week - and I have had a lovely weekend so far, with several activities outside the house. If you see a broad smile passing by, it might be mine :-)

I have added two finishes to my list this week - first Judy's 1 hour a day challenge, and next the care quilt, finished late Thursday night.
Now they are both washed and ready for sending to my favourite cause on Monday - children with long term diseases - through the Norwegian Quilt Association.

Remember me being overwhelmed by my own fabric collection recently?
A quick estimate tells me that each care quilt I have made so far this year uses an average of 7-8 meters of fabrics.
I have made 5 care quilts since the beginning of January.
5 times 7-8 meter equals 35-40 meters of fabrics!
That is a dent in the collection all right, even with a 20 meters buy this year.
I have emptied one box in my shelf - 8 litres / 2 gallons.
Yes, the dent is visible now, if not very big, but as you might know, an elephant has to be eaten one serving at a time. Be persistent and it will be all eaten in the end ;-)
Not that I want to use all my fabrics, but I do not have to have as much as I have now.....

I am taking a break from making care quilts until autumn. I do enjoy Judy's HAD challenges and chances are big I will join in again. 
Thank you Judy for generously charing your patterns!
I guess you all can see I am making the quilts smaller and do simple borders, but I don't think that matters as long as I am having fun :-)

What is next on my to do list?
NI blocks, applique blocks and stitchery as far as I can see, but you will never know :-)


  1. Anonymous12:58 am

    hanne, your two finished quilts are wonderful. they will definitely be loved. i like the orange one so much better with the triangles tossed on the top. great job! patti

  2. Hanne, you are on a roll now!! It seems like your surgery has supercharged you with energy and there is no stopping you now!! Great work!

  3. Both quilts are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your picture.

  4. Anonymous3:45 am

    Both of these quilts are great! Congratulations on the big dent in your stash. Wish I could say the same!

  5. I like making smaller quilts too - many of mine are larger sofa size or twin size but I like making the quick small quilts to donate too. Both of these look great - it's funny but I didn't recognize the first one as Judy's pattern at first. I love the applique triangles on the 2nd one.

  6. Wow! You have certainly accomplished much. Well done! What a great feeling of satisfaction this must give you!

  7. Beautiful quilts, both of them! Seeing a dent in your stash must be so satisfying. I'm getting there, but no dents visible yet! :)

    I can 'read' your smile!


  8. I love your take on the Hour a Day quilt, it looks great!

  9. Your really on a roll there. Both of these are very nice.

    I'm noticing a definite difference in the size of my stash too. It's still too big but it gets more managable every day I spend sewing and not buying.

  10. I love that orange quilt!

  11. they are both so gorgeous- I espcially love the first one. I know my daughter would as well- it will make a girl somewhere so happy!

  12. Love both those quilts - wonderful! I can really see how the pattern works on the pink/purple one now. Beautiful :)

  13. I know I'm responding to an old post, but I was scrolling through your blog and had to say how much I like your squares quilt with the little triangles. It's a simple pattern, but your color choices and the zingy triangles make it something special!
    Cheri in Illinois


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