Sunday, April 22, 2007

A quick and useful finish

I needed a pair of new potholders in my kitchen and I have been thinking about making some for a while.
These tree blocks were in my BOB (box of blocks) from another project years ago.
The fabric around them is like linen. I have the same fabric in my kitchen curtains.
On 2 internet lists I am on there are 5 before 5 Ufo challenges. Finish 5 Ufos before May 1st.
These potholders qualify as my Ufo # 3.
Can I finish 5 Ufos in time?
I guess not, but that is of no significanse to me really, as I have few Ufos now - after having loads some years back. 
I think of my projects more like WIPs - work in progress.
I have one true Ufo, and I will work towards finishing it in 2007.
It is the Snowman Collector BOM, with all the blocks done since a couple of years back.

I used to say I have more than 50, less than 100 Ufos, and it was not a lie.
Now I have less than 10 projects all in all + my box of blocks.
The less than 10 includes quilting projects, stitchery projects and cross stitch projects.
In the box of blocks goes all blocks that are remnants from other projects, test blocks, finished stitcheries without a spesific purpose etc.
Sometimes, when I need a quick finish I can find something there :-)


  1. Wow - less than 10 left. Well done Hanne - that is truly amazing!

  2. You are such an inspiration. I checked out the quilting on your HAD. I plan to give that a try myself real soon.............

    How long did it take you to get down to 10?

  3. Congratulations on your UFOs busting. I like working with linen as well but for pot holders, that is a great idea. Take care.

  4. Now that is stash reduction!! Way to go and thanks for being an inspiration for all of us!!

  5. I would like to be organized and finish some of my UFOs (WIPs?). I love your pot holders. I zoom the photo and the quilted lines are simple and original.

  6. How creative, Hanne! Your pot holders turned out very well.

  7. Good idea on the "box of blocks". The potholders are a nice finish. I have stitcheries waiting to "be something" maybe I could participate in the 5 UFO Challenge.

  8. stilig quilting på gryteklutene Hanne.


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