Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bust that Stash

The April badge for the 2007 Fabric Diet says Bust that Stash, and in the meeting point of stash busting, an urge for a quick project and the spirit of making do this quilt is born and not far from finished - another care quilt.

Most of the fabrics are from the fabrics given to me for the care quilt purpose. I have added some for variety - one of the more yellow ones and a couple of the more orange ones.
I used my dark dull rust ones for backing - from the 1990s.

The quilt is now quilted, with curved seams and yellow thread, twice through all the squares.

Now I will add some small triangles here and there, in colours to add interest. If you see the colour wheel the good colours to add to this orange / orange red quilt are blue violet to violet on one side and green to yellow green on the other side.
I will applique through all layers with machine.

I am just playing and winging it as I go, so I will have to audition some choices tomorrow, in good day light.

I am contemplating doing Judy L.'s challenge anyway. Just have to finish this one first. I can do a little every day and I want to make a smaller quilt.
I am in stashbuster mood indeed!


  1. You go girl! Bust that stash indeed. What a wonderful top and I love the idea of the triangles to jazz it up a bit. Isn't it wonderful to have a play day in the sewing room and have it turn out this nice?

  2. I like these colors! Good job busting the stash, I'm sure the person who receives this quilt will love it.

  3. Nydelige farger. Heldig den som får dette:-)

  4. Lovely colours in this quilt. What a great idea to use the colour wheel to find he other colours.

  5. Way to bust that stash! You're my hero du jour!

    It's a great quilt! I'm anxious to see your additions to it!

    Good job! (Hugs)

  6. sounds like a wonderful addition to this quilt-looking forward to seeing the play results

  7. Such bright cheery colors - reminds me of the sun. This is a pretty quilt, and I look forward to seeing what your playing does it it.

  8. Your productivity seems to be increasing nicely. This is another wonderful addition to your stack of
    comfort quilts for charity. Good work, Hanne!

  9. Nydelige farger Hanne. Klem fra Sigrun:-))

  10. Love the waved quilting. I'm curious to see the triangles and its colours. Hugs

  11. i love your quilting works every time i see them!!i am happy you are well,have a nice day!!


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