Thursday, April 12, 2007

Small steps and small stitches

I've been under the weather for some days and feeling the need for small arm movements.
A day without needle and thread is not a good day, so I turned to hand quilting.
I would love to have the Watermelon quilt finished before this summer and every thread done is a thread closer to completion :-)
As you see I have worn my pink Clover pencil all down and am now starting to use the blue one.
It looks like the markings wear off with handling, so I am marking only one fan at a time.
The pencil says that the chalk is water soluble, so whatever if left of the markings when I am done with the hand quilting will go off when I wash the quilt. I read somewhere that a good vacuum also will remove markings.
The cold symptoms are wearing off now, and I am happy about that, as I have several things on my to do list.
I think I will try to do some hand quilting every morning, with my cup of tea by my side, like I did when I hand quilted my Dear Jane quilt. It is a good way to start the day. The morning light is good now too.
I love the early hours of the day :-)


  1. Nice to "see" you,Hanne. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Take care!

    Love that quilt and your quilting is incredible!

  2. Hanne, sorry you aren't feeling well. The idea of starting the day with some tea and hand quilting sounds so peaceful.

  3. Du skal ikke tro alt du leser når det gjelder fjerning av quilteblyante r- den blå er grei, den rosa mere vrien, jeg tok litt "nylonvask" på en liten klut og fjerna farven med.Lykke til

  4. Hei Hanne! Jeg er på utkikk etter denne sjablonen, hvor har du fått tak i den? Jeg skal quilte denne på det blå og hvite sengeteppet jeg snart er ferdig med (på maskin)


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