Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The end is near :-)

The end is near on my priority projects !
Maybe you are as done with them as I am ;-)
They have taken a huge bite of my quilting life lately.

The Watermelon quilt is lacking 9 Baptist Fans and the strip quilt is lacking machine quilting and binding.

The Watermelon quilt got the name from the colours I have used. It reminds me of summer and watermelons.

Can I finish the strip quilt tomorrow ??
I will aim at it, starting the machine quilting now, at 8.20 pm.
I will do meandering - blue on blue and beige on beige.
The binding will go on by machine, so once cut, it is fast work.

I aim at finishing the Watermelon quilt by the end of next weekend at the latest - preferably before. I have a lovely raspberry red batik to use for the binding.

Look what I got in my mailbox yesterday :-)
I have shopped from Australia, Honeysuckle Cottage.
The world sure have shrunk with internet!
I have already started the middle stitchery, today, but that is another story.... :-)


  1. the quilts are beautiful! And the embroidery packets are just adorable. Looks like fun!

  2. Anonymous9:17 pm

    You'll reach your goals, I'm sure ! And with a beautiful result...

    Cute stitcheries ! I never saw those "Christmas Cups" before...
    ("Honeysuckle Cottage" is like Ali-Baba Cavern" - I intend to buy Leannes House "Flowers and Flutterbies" stitchery quilt pattern from them...)

    Hugs & smiles, Hanne !

  3. Hang in there, and you'll reach your goals! Both the quilts are beautiful, but I really love your watermelon quilt (I have to make one of those blocks for my SBS, you know :o)) - the colours are so "summer"!

    Take care and happy quilting!

  4. those are both looking great. And pretty soon you'll be able to report 2 finishes. What a great feeling that is. :-)

  5. Your watermelon quilt is so beautiful. Love the colours in it. I am so behind on my quilting now. I want to but have to take it easy on my arm. So only a little handstitching is allowed right now

  6. I'm so glad for you that you're almost done with these. Onto new adventures :-)

    Jeg er så glad på dine vegne at disse to blir ferdige, - nå venter nye eventyr :-)

  7. Hi - I love your watermelon quilt - definitely the right name for it. I plan to start learning how to do "clever patchwork" like that tomorrow when I go to my local sewing shop. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Lucy

  8. Two great and beautiful projects -- almost done! Hooraaaaayyyyy .. you can feel good about starting another wonderful project.

  9. I'm in love with your watermelon quilt!

  10. I can't believe these two are almost done! I love the stitcheries and look forward to seeing pics of the finished ones.

  11. Your quilts are gorgeous! Two finishes right around the corner! Hooray!

    I love your stitchery patterns. I've got one or two that I want to start, but I haven't done much redwork. I'm nervous about it, but you have inspired me!

  12. You're motoring along Hanne! I've always loved your watermelon quilt, and I love the setting of your string quilt. It's wonderful!

  13. Oh, you're doing the Miss Louise blocks, aka the chicken ladie. Those are some sweet looking patterns. Darlene and Wendy are doing those. Happy quilting!

  14. Oh Hanne! I have LOVED that watermelon quilt since the first time you showed a block! It is truly wonderful! I really love it! I may have to copy that pattern and make one!

  15. Well Done...........

    What a good feeling to be so close to the end on a project.

  16. OK - this post answers my question. I can hardly wait to pull up this site and look around. The credit card is starting to shake in fear I think - it's not been used for awhile so it's cooled off and many not be ready to start smoking again!


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