Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More blocks

Now I am lacking only 6 blocks.
I can not see that the blue scrap box has been much used from though........
I take it as an indication more string blocks with blue will be made in the future ;-)
Maybe my next string quilt will be made with vertical zig zags ?
Going through some fabrics today, to rearrange some storage, I see a pink and green string quilt as a very possible colour option.
After this quilt I Need to focus on other projects though!
Please kick my _(_Y_)_ if I start another string quilt to soon!!
They are addictive indeed.

I am teaching again come September, and I need some new projects to teach from.

I also Need to finish my Snowman Collector BOM this year. All the blocks are done.

The NI quilt will get serious attention too and I have partly booked time for machine quilting of a quilt not yet started - the Lori Smith quilt I told you about the other day.

Never a dull moment in a quilter's life, right? :-)


  1. Very nice! And you KNOW you'll start another string quilt cause they're just plain addicting. LOL!

  2. It looks beautiful! I really need to make a string quilt!

  3. Oh, Hanne, this quilt is wonderful! And, yes, they're contagious! I've got two pieces of focus fabic to make into string quilts!

    Good job!

  4. I have tons of blue strings too and no matter how many I use the bin stays full. I've got another one planned once I finish up this spiderweb top.

  5. Very nice Hanne....I love the colors. Glad that you are feeling so much better.

  6. Hi Hanne. The string quilt is developing fantasticly. No... I'm not gonna make one of those, there are too many UFO's flying around my sewing space...

    Good luck with your teaching preparations...:O)

  7. Yes Hanne, String quilts will get you hooked. It is going to be another winner for you.

  8. that looks so great!

  9. Looks like you've been busy. I know how you feel...when I make one quilt using a certain method, I want to make it over and over and over. Have fun!

  10. Not making a dent?? Wow, you must have a lot of blue! BUT you know what you need to do, LOL.

    I should be quilting but the past three days---my snowmen bluework blocks have received the attention. The one under the machine isn't going anywhere.

  11. My bloglines says you've written 22 posts that I've not read. I know I'm behind in my reading by a little over a week, but have you really been that talkative? :-)
    I'll keep reading so I can find out what you've been up to - besides making string quilts I guess. Love the zigzag layout.

  12. Great string quilt Hanne! You are always so right on with the colors!

  13. Nydelige farger, artig å sjå framgangen:-)

  14. The string quilt looks good. Do you need some more blue scraps?! I wish you luck with the quilting of the Watermelon quilt. I am hand-quilting as well at the moment and I don´t seem to see the end of it!
    I hope you find inspiration for your future teaching projects. Take care.

  15. I haven't tried a string quilt yet, but I see one in my future.


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