Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday stitches

I sorted through my blue scraps last night and am ready to make more string blocks. I also flung a lot of mini crumbs to small to save.
I used to save every thread of fabric like there were nothing available tomorrow - no more.

Who can resist getting help from a cat, the true queen of disorganization ? ;-)
I can not remember seeing a string quilt arranged like photo # 2, but I can be wrong.
Maybe I will make mine like this. It will give 3 rows of zig zags to the quilt. Time will tell, when I have finished the 24 blocks.
As you see the cat has arranged the blocks to the right so they nearly look like flying geese. So many options, so many scraps to use :-)

After hand quilting 2 1/2 Baptist fan on my Watermelon quilt today I have measured and counted what is left to quilt.
22 fans - should be doable in May by one fan a day average.
I have put everything else on the back burner until this quilt is done. I Need it finished by the end of the month!
Not for a specific reason - more because I need the mental room to work on something else - like my NI blocks and my stitchery :-)
I also have a Lori Smith pattern I want to do and I don't want more big quilts at the same time. I have the pattern and I have fabrics. I will use fabrics from my fabric collection and a lighter background.


  1. all caught up once more with your lovely posts...happy belated birthday and what a fun trip you had! love your string's true, they are addictive. Good luck with meeting your May goal-I know you can do it!

  2. I love the zig zags. Are you going to set them vertically?

  3. I like the zig zag settting!

  4. I love the Lori Smith patterns. That is a very pretty one you have chosen.

    Your "blue trip" sounded like a lot of fun. That would be a good idea - to have a surprise trip one day. It is good you are feeling better and able to get out now.

  5. You always chose the nices color combinations. I really like your string blocks and the zig zag setting.

  6. Wow, you are a crafty lady! - with lots of projects and plans! The zig-zags looks like a fun way to set these beautiful string blocks, but I also like the idea of a flying geese setting :o) Have fun with them, and enjoy quilting your water melon quilt!

  7. I have enjoyed looking at al your wonderful quilts!
    Thanks for sharing them with us!

  8. What a great way to use scraps! I have a bin full of strips from different projects, and this looks like a wonderful way of using them. Do you sew the blocks onto a foundation, or do you just sew the stripes together and cut the blocks from the larger pieces?

  9. Wow. The colours look virandt together. Am absolutly taken by the effect the zig zagand the colours make in combination, really lovely. You're quite active lady, whish I had your energy. Take care

  10. Flotte farger på stripequilten din Hanne :-D Pusehjelperen din er bare herlig :-)

  11. I like that zig zag pattern. It think it will look very sharp! Good luck with the watermelons. I know you can do it!

  12. I like that arrangement for the string quilt- very nice!

  13. Cats like to be right in the middle of where the action is. I love how the string blocks are looking.

  14. Lillerusk is getting to be a big kitty girl!

    Look at you go with those string blocks. I bet that made a nice break from fans on your watermelon quilt. Your friends looked as though they were having a good time too.

  15. Love Lori Smith's patterns so much! It will be so enjoyable watching this one evolve from the work of your talented hands. I know what you mean about wanting a project done just so you won't have to think about doing it any more. I have quite a few like that!


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