Saturday, May 05, 2007

Scraps galore

Scraps, friends and sewing machines,
and heartstring blocks are born.
As always we had a great day together, the 3 of us.
We are taking turns hosting our sewing lunches and this is my friend Bjørg's lovely kitchen.
Bjørg and I made string blocks this Thursday and Kirsti worked on her cute Japanese folding technique blocks.

The blue scrap box is mine and I am aiming for another donation quilt, even if I said I was taking a break at the end of April.
These string blocks are addictive!
My strips are true scraps and remnants from quilts, stuffed into the box that are soon bursting at the seams.

I am not sure if this quilt will really make a difference in the blue box, but time will tell :-)
It is faster to sew from pre-cut strips in the same width, but I truly have a Need to use from the scraps I already have, in all widths and lengths.

I need 24 blocks - setting 4 by 6 blocks + border, as usual.
It would be lovely to have the quilt top joined before the end of the upcoming week, and it is a nice diversion from the hand quilting, which is also moving forward, one Baptist fan at a time.


  1. A lovely way to spend a day - sewing with friends. Chitchat, snacks and sewing. Great day!

  2. Der skulle eg gjerne ha vore....
    Kor kjekt dette såg ut. Ha ei fin helg:-)

  3. This will be another wonderful string quilt - I love the ones you make and the colors you use.

    It's hard to put those strings away isn't it? I'm trying to finish up the top I'm working on and a few other projects before I start in on strings again but not sure if I can hold out!

  4. What a great day with lovely blocks produced, as well. I look forward to seeing the quilts.

  5. what a lovely day you had. Your blocks look great. I'm hoping to make some string blocks once i finish some more UFOs

  6. That sounds like such a fun day. It would be great to use up all my scraps, but I just seem to keep making more.


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