Monday, May 21, 2007

Small stitches, big smiles

The first of my Australian purchases, the Bronwyn Hayes stitchery Libby is done.
It was fun to do and I am looking forward to start the next. I have plans for these ladies :-)

This stitchery I finished early in May. I just have not taken a photo of it before today. I will make a cushion of it, but not right now.

The Watermelon quilt has been on the back burner for some days, as I have pulled a shoulder muscle, but it is getting better now and I will go back to quilting so the quilt can be done before Wednesday next week.

A special stitchery is in the making too, from one of my father's drawings, and so are more Nearly Insane blocks :-)


  1. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Beautiful, Hanne ! Your stitching is perfect !
    (Can't wait seeing your father's drawing...).
    Oh, I'm sorry about your shoulder, hope it gets better very soon !

    Hugs & smles,

  2. Take care of your arm Hanne. (and that's me talking about that, me who still are sewing with a bad shoulder LOL)
    Curious what you are going to make of the stitcheryladies. Perhaps you should get in your car and visit Elverum some day. I am still home for three weeks.

  3. Lovely stitcheries. I must say that I am liking Bronwyn Hayes almost too much. I will add her to the list of things I need to do after we move.

  4. I just love the Bronwyn Hayes projects you ladies are doing. So much cuter than any redwork patterns I've seen here in the states. Obviously you ordered them from Australia so I must be able to do so also. Can you share the website with me please? I love all the stitcheries you are doing!

  5. Beautiful stiches. The redwork lady is so funny! I love the small carrots of your second embroidery

  6. Cute redwork lady - I'm looking forward to seeing your plan for them. I'm sure the stitchery from your father's drawing will be spectacular - will it be for a Father's Day gift?

  7. Love your redwork, Hanne. I hope you are able to get back to quilting on your watermelon quilt very soon.

  8. Your redwork is very cute. Thank-you for sharing the adress in a previous post. They have so many lovely things. I wish you all the best for your back. Take care.

  9. Your stitcheries are adorable! Such fun!

  10. I'm so looking forward to see the stitchery you are making from your fathers drawing.

  11. Dette Libbymønsteret kunne eg tenkt meg, kvar får ein kjøpt det? Kva slags stoff broderer du på?

  12. Anonymous1:11 am

    I found your blog site today, your work is beautiful, well done. I love the watermelon quilt.
    I was very ahppy when I found the vegetable patch stitchery you have done as I desgined it! It looks great, did you make it into a cushion yet?
    best wishes from Australia


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