Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oh, lead me not into temptations ......

...... I go there myself :-)

I have been teaching the last evening in my year long, bi-monthly Dear Jane class tonight, and I guess you believe me when I say I am ending up paying for teaching - or should I rather say trading for quilting goods ?
I used more money than I made today though, but who counts ;-)

The Japanese block book - translated to French, is a real beauty.
May Britt made me aware of it in March, and I ordered it then, and got it today. It is both a coffee table book and a good work book. I was not prepared for how thick and heavy it is. A really special book to be enjoyed and thumbed again and again.

The fabrics - 1 meter of the light fabric and 4 x 12", full width of fabric - the last pieces of those fabrics actually.

A stitchery pattern could not be passed either.

Temptation - your smell is sweet and your taste is anticipation !

Seems like a totally white month fabric shopping wise is very hard, but instead of shopping mindless I have plans for what I buy, in the very near future.
I do not shop for saving anymore - I shop for using and enjoying - now :-)


  1. Hanne, I'm positive you will make good use of your purchases. I look forward to seeing the blocks from the new book.

  2. You going to love this book. I "sleep" with it every night :)
    The other side of my double bed is filled with "japaneese" these days

  3. Oh yes, I do believe you! Once upon a time, I worked in a sewing shop and I do think that in spite of my discount, I spent at least as much as I brought home. Isn't it great how your focus has changed now to shopping for using, not saving.

  4. You will be enjoying these purchases for years to come. How wise to "Shop to Use"...

  5. That books looks wonderful! Hmmmm, I wonder if I remember enough French to get through it...

    I laughed at your comments about spending more than you earned.
    Isn't there an old song about "owing my soul to the company store"? LOL

  6. Jeg synes det ser ut som du har gjort noen gode kjøp jeg Hanne:-)))
    Gleder meg til å se hva du skal lage.

  7. LOL, you need to make a sign and carry it with you---"will teach for fabric" Such temptation everywhere!

    I need (yes, need!) to track down where to buy some of those Bronwyn Hayes patterns. I love everyone I see you all posting.

    Hope your shoulder has forgiven you enough to resume your handquilting.

  8. I love your purchases! It really makes you the epitome of that old funny, "Will work for fabric." =)

  9. What lovely treats you have there, I love the book, I may be tempted to get that myself!


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