Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bjørg's block in the making

My friend Bjørg shopped for her Leanne's House BOM at Lille Stasjon yesterday, well assisted by May Britt, and here is the first seams on her block # 1.
We had a good time starting her first block today.
I appliqued the 3 hearts on my block #2 while she used the sewing machine.
Right now I am working on the stitchery and I am eager to see some progress. Can I start block # 3 this week ?? :-)

Maybe Bjørg will take the step into blogland soon ? :-)


  1. Love the colours. As I had picked them myself :) LOL

  2. I have to agree that the colors are terrific. I love the quilt, and I may yet give in and order it.

  3. Hanne, you are doing a terrific job on all of your projects - quilting and stitcheries. You always have so much progress to show us.

  4. very nice....if Bjorg has anything to do with you and May Britt she will be a friend in blogland very soon....if you don't get her into it no one will.....take care

  5. I love Leanne's House. It's so much fun to see how each of you is doing the quilt.


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