Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Great Day

Oh great anticipation, the day had come, to visit May Britt !

We met at her local quilt shop, Lille Stasjon, and if you guessed I spent some (!!) money, you are right.
I am starting Leanne's House, in Japanese fabrics, as we speak, so to say.
May Britt was very supportive, helping me picking from the shelves ;-)
Here are my treasures:

I will mix these with Japanese fabrics I already have here.

May Britt's house has 2 porches, and we sat on the main porch first, having lunch, and when it was to hot, we moved to the other side of the house, where we spent the rest of the day outdoors, chatting, laughing, stitching, drinking coffee and soft drinks.

I got the chance to admire May Britt's quilts around her house. Every room have decorations made by her, some for decorations only and some utility things, like draw string purses of different sizes and purposes. Her sewing room is lovely and even her Ufos are neatly stacked.

When it comes to stitchery May Britt and I am two of a thread - or is it kind ? ;-)
She tipped me that Leanne Beasley of Leanne's House is coming to Norway in the autumn and now I am booked for Leanne's workshop too, with a sleepover at May Britt's house !
What can possibly beat that ???

May Britt is lovely company, as always, and her smile and laughter are very catching. If you saw me now, you would see I smile just writing about it :-)
You already know she is very skilled with the needle and it was very inspiring to spend time with her.

I was back home here a quarter to midnight, and even if it was a long drive, the driving conditions were good, with one of the rare evenings we have here this time of year, when it is still a touch of light by midnight.
I regret I did not stop near here to take a photo of the horizon, with reflections of the sun by midnight. It was a very special sight. Right after sundown the sky looked like mother of pearl too, in pink. I was playing a nice talk show on the radio, and I sang out loud to the music, so the drive was pleasant. Singing out loud when driving alone is one of my quirks, remember ?
Thanks for a wonderful day May Britt :-)

Early this morning, at 6.30 am the new fabrics went in the washing machine, and here they are drying. Goes well with the garden on wheels my DH built recently :-)

I was planning to cut them early today, for the first Leanne's House block, but good things also happens in clusters * yes ! *
and a friend dropped by for lunch and chatting on the porch, and after, it was time for running some errands and stuff.

Now, at 8 pm, I am cutting into my new fabrics :-)

PS. I will not be counting my buys anymore.
I will keep in mind that mindless buying brings little joy and new buys are for cutting into - and first and foremost: I am in this for the fun! :-)

Diet does not mean to not eat - diet mean regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one's weight Merrian-Webster Online Dictionary.
I can do a fabric diet - and I am still on the right side of using more than I am buying, and I will keep the diet plan in mind, but not let it take over for the fun :-)

Time to start the new block with the new fabrics !


  1. Åh for noen nydelige stoffer Hanne - gleder meg til å se teppet med de stoffene etterhvert :-D Ja det er veldig hyggelig å besøke May Brit - bedre vertinne finnes ikke :-))) Misunner dere som skal på kurs til høsten ;-D

  2. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Ooooh, this sounds like the perfect day, indeed !
    A sunny day, with a nice friend, stitching together, laughing, giggling, AND new gorgeous fabrics : what else could we ask for ?

    Big hugs and smiles !

  3. Hi, Hanne! Looks like you and May Britt had a wonderful day! And those fabrics are gorgeous! I will love to see your Leanne's House get "built"! I'm still working up the nerve to start mine :o) But after e-mailing with May Britt this morning, I called Quiltegaarden, and she has put me on the list, but wasn't sure where she had an opening - my fingers are very muched crossed for ocktober in Trysil *lol*

    Way to go on the fabric diet!!! That is my interpretation as well; use more that you buy and bee pleased with all the treasures you can get hold of and cut into :o)

    Take care! And happy quilting!

  4. We had a great day. And it was so fun to have you visiting me. And I am looking forward to see your LH blocks. Wouldn't it be fun to show Leanne our version of her quilt.

  5. I read about your day with May Britt and what a lovely day it was. I can't wait to see your LH project.

    Someday I will fly to Norway and sit on May Britt's porches, too. Will you join us? :-)

  6. What a lovely collection of fabrics you bought! I look forward to seeing the new quilt as you progress. It sure sounded like a perfect day for you and May sitting and stitching on her porch. Glad you had a great day.

  7. I love your philosophy on dieting... works for me....

  8. Definitely a wonderful day. Those fabrics are gorgeous. I love your garden on wheels.

  9. Enjoy the new fabric. Looks like you are very serious about getting into your new project. I like your idea of diet. I will have to keep that in mind. When we totally starve ourselves we tend to gorge when we go get the chance. A little grazing sounds real good.

  10. I just love your new selection of fabrics and it sounds like you had a perfect afternoon. I also love the garden on wheels - very pretty along side the drying fabrics.

  11. gorgeous fabrics! Are you making 'Ruth's Quilt'? I hope so, as I have everything ready to make the same quilt, I just need a bit of inspiration - and your beautiful needlework is always inspiring.

  12. Lovely fabrics - congrats to you on getting them washed and cut almost straight away! I love your diet analogy about fabric and stashes :)

  13. How wonderful for you to spend time with May. You are both smiling the same as you did the day she came to visit you..............


  14. You two got a great photo. And the fun you had is reflected in your smiles!

  15. It sounds like you had a delightful day. You certainly bought some nice fabrics.

    I think you've got the right idea about the fabric diet. Moderation in all things.

    I love your garden on wheels. You DH did a great job!

  16. That picture looks familiar. =) You two certainly seemed to have a wonderful time together. I love the fabrics you bought, and they looked so pretty hanging to dry, with the flowers in the background. Looks like your husband is talented, too!

    Your drive sounded fabulous, and I wish I could see that night sky.

  17. What a fun way to spend the day - visiting and stitching.

    I also liked your plan for the heat - find a nice spot and read.

  18. Oh, it sounds like a perfectly fun day and what beautiful new fabrics you have!




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