Friday, June 01, 2007

Still pleading Nearly Insanity :-)

Here are my Nearly Insane blocks, 43 in all.
43 of 98, so still many seams to go.

I am making NI my priority project for June and will see how far it will bring me.
Every seam is a step forward though and eventually they will all be done, right ? :-)

My beloved Janome 6600 machine had to go in for a service, so foundation paper piecing will be a good choice on my old Pfaff. The Pfaff and the Janome have a little difference in the seam allowance so I will not do any other piecing before the Janome is back home.
The bobbin winder gave up without any notice and a general service is good too, when it is in the shop.

I am blushing over all the lovely comments you have left for my Watermelon quilt - thank you a million times :-)
I am displaying it on a quilt rack I have in my living room, ready to use if someone need to wrap themselves in a quilt, and when it is hanging there I see it and enjoy it. It is folded in half length wise.

Someone asked about the block's name. I found it in Block Base by Barbara Brackman under the name King's Star (Nancy Cabot). I hope you are helped.

Since it is Friday night already and DH will like some company, I will stay with my stitchery tonight - another Bronwyn Hayes lady if you wondered.
I guess you did not, as you know me by now :-)
The old Pfaff is not exactly sewing silently, and I am sewing in a corner of my living room, so Friday night is handwork mostly.

Friday evening is TV evening here in my house, and I do enjoy the Friday evening crime / mystery program. Right now it is a program on with "old" music, from the stone ages, when I was young(er) - according to my DDs.
Don't even mention I am singing out loud when they are not here ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your Friday everyone :-)


  1. These blocks are stunning. What a beautiful quilt this wil be. I am making a Dear Jane quilt and these things take time. By the way I love your watermelon quilt. I have watched it's progress from the beginning !

  2. I can't wait to see your progress on the Nearly Insane blocks. You have so many of them finished!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous blocks. I love your colors.

  4. WOW, the NI blocks are looking fantastic!

    You'll have this project done in no time. Great job.

  5. Hanne, Your NI blocks look wonderful. You are so diligent with your projects that you'll have this one done in no time. I'll be here watching your progress!

  6. You are close to the halfway mark on this one..........

    I enjoy a good mystery night too. Just not much on these days so I listen to my audio books.........

    That is going to be one gorgeous quilt when it is done.

  7. your Nearly Insane blocks are coming along nicely. Well done on finishing your Watermelon quilt. It looks great.

  8. love those Nearly Insane blocks, the colours r gorgeous!!!
    Great job on the watermelon quilt it looks fantastic!!
    Hope u got heaps of stitching done.

  9. Hanne, your beautiful Nearly Insane block pile is growing steadily. You are almost halfway to the finish!

  10. I love your beautiful pile of red and white blocks. It may be insane, but it's a beautiful insanity. =)

  11. I'm really looking forward to seeing how you put all these red and white blocks together. :) They're lovely!


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