Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Judy's challenge

Seems like I am in a rut fabric using wise....
Not that the book cover used all that fabrics, but it was a small step in the right direction again :-)
Judy has given a July challenge and it was sort of a small kick start to me.
Using one of the stitcheries was nice too.

I brought this Leanne's House block on my trip but did not get many stitches in. I am one of those who have to have some hand work in my purse always. Better to carry some and have the chance to put in some stitches than to not have something to do.
I hope to finish the block this week.
It is raining, and according to the weather forecast the rain will last for several days. Perfect sewing weather.
I think I will put some coffee on right away. Bring a cup and join in if you like. Feel free to bring cookies :-)


  1. Beautiful book cover. Using small stitcheries this way is so fun.
    I have been fooling around all day, but now I think I will try to do something useful. Like sewing :)

  2. I'm having a cup of coffee right now - may I join you? I'll bring my stitching and we can sit and stitch the day away! I can dream!

  3. Put the kettle on I'll be right over with some Snickerdoodle cookies! I'll bring my stitchery along as well .... come on over to my Blog and see what I did over the weekend. After all, you and other bloggers were all responsible for me picking up a needle and some thread to do some stitchery.

    Love your book cover - very pretty.

  4. Love the book cover! Your embroidery work is gorgeous.

  5. I'm having some coffee too! I just love your book cover. It looks great. So many people are doing the Leanne's House block. It's a great pattern.

  6. Beautiful book cover and adorable stitchery. It's a little late in my day for coffee so I'll join you for an iced tea. How about some warm chocolate chip cookies?


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