Friday, July 06, 2007

Simplifying mood

Welcome to my sewing corner :-)

I am in simplifying mood and have cleared off the space between my printer on the right and the sewing table.
I feel I need the extra space, not to fill, but to not fill, if you know what I mean.
Right now I am in Need Space And Air mood.
Space to think, to breathe, to draw, to create, to enjoy.

I have sorted through my patterns today and if you had seen my smile while doing so you also know how much I enjoy doing it.
I feel rich, owning this well of inspiration!

I am contemplating starting Judy L's July 1 hour a day quilt. It would be better to wait until after vacation, but how much backbone do you think I have ?? ;-)
In case I do start this quilt right now I need to make some work schedule, so other things do not crash land on the back burner.
Let me think over the weekend.
If I can finish the Santa project, then maybe........ :-)
I have aged the embroidery with tea and it is looking smashing good.
It is now a matter of getting off my (_Y_).......


  1. *lol* I was looking at the Y in brackets for a while trying to figure out what it meant ... and then it hit me!!!! Slow on the uptake here ... too funny!

  2. I sure can understand that need space mood. I'm going to do Judy's quilt this month. Love your Santa project.

  3. Simplifying is a very good thing. My sewing space has become a big mess recently and I'm hoping to take time today to clean it up a bit.

    Enjoy your sewing and stitcheries! I love everything you do.

  4. I love to look through my collection of patterns, too, and just marvel at the creativity of the designers. I like the "crash land on the back burner" part in your post :-).

  5. There is definitely something about clearing out a room, helps clear out the mind too, and always gives me inspiration!!

  6. Anonymous12:27 am

    Ah, reclaimed space and clearing out the clutter - what a great feeling.

    Okay, come on over and help me with my space!

    Great job!
    Joan Hawley
    Lazy Girl Designs

  7. Sometimes, fortunately in my circumstances, rarely, I do get in the mood for clear spaces - no clutter. It usually happens when my mind is so cluttered that I have to have some real space around me. Normally, I guess, I keep my mind full of space and it doesn't matter that I have stuff everywhere! I totally understand that feeling.

    I'm going to look for some fabrics for Judy's quilt - see what I have on hand - as I really like the look of it.

  8. Your sewing area looks nice. I try to keep mine uncluttered. I find it hard to work in a cluttered space. I like your dresser. It looks like a great piece for storing.

  9. I just cleaned and organized my sewing room yesterday also. Isn't it funny how much better we feel when there's room to breath? I just couldn't start my new project till I had my space in order.

  10. Your space looks wonderful! I make such a mess when I'm prepping applique - today is clean-up day in the LAQuilter sewing room! I love the thread holder you have behind your sewing machine!

  11. I really have other things to be working on too but I'm going to look to see if I have fabric for Judy's quilt and I'll make a smaller simple version if I do.

    I just like the looks of it and I want to play along with everyone else.

  12. what a lovely space you made ...and it's great that you can enjoy your pattern collection so much-we need to appreciate the joy our passion brings us.

  13. You have a nice sewing space. It's always fun to see where others create their wonderful pieces!


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