Saturday, August 11, 2007

Back from vacation - Lovely days

I am back!

Lovely days were had by all, but by me in particular I think, enjoying my new freedom :-)
Travelling with colostomy is not a problem at all, that is for sure!
I have travelled by plane, train, car and boat this summer and I have enjoyed every minute of it !!

Weather has not been on our side, other than brief moments, so beach life has not been an option, but seeing old and new places and meeting old and new friends has been more important, and absolutely lovely :-)

On our way to visit family this week I had the joy of meeting with Anne Heidi in her new and charming shop in Tynset called Lappemor.
Anne Heidi also has the blog Piece by piece.
My DH and DD2 went grocery shopping when I went to the quilt shop, so I could enjoy the shop without having anyone (im)patientely waiting.
Anne Heidi served coffee and cookies and we had a lovely chat. Several quilt goodies were also admired and bought.

When returning from grocery shopping DH got a cup of coffee and DD2 got orange juice, and when we left they were all smiles as well.

If you were in the blog siggie swap you can see a glimpse of Anne Heidi's finished siggie quilt in the window. It is very cute.

From now on Lappemor is on my travel route every summer when passing on my way to family visit, and in the mean time I will keep updated through the web shop.
Thanks Anne Heidi for a lovely stay in your shop! I smiled through the rest of our trip, looking through my purchases :-)

When I travel to Surnadal in Mid-Norway to visit family I usually call an old friend, Ildri, who lives there too.
I had learned that she is going to sell Janome sewing machines from September, but little did I know that she is making a full quilt shop in her home when I visited for coffee.

Here is a glimpse of the thread and pattern corner. New fabrics are coming in all the time.
I am wishing you all the best of luck with your shop Ildri ! I will be back, next summer :-)

Here are my purchases at Ildri's

After chatting, picking out goodies and chatting more we had a very cosy and tasteful meal of crackers and cheese, apple cider and tea.

After the meal we retreated to Ildri's combined shop and sewing room and enjoyed doing some stitchery together.
If it had not been that I had to pick up DD2 and a little cousin at the cinema at a certain time the visit would have stretched out in the small hours, that is for sure.
When we get together it is like the travel distance between us and the time since we last spoke are gone.

Summer vacation is over - DH starts work on Monday, DD1 and DD2 are starting school next Monday.
I have enjoyed and smiled my way through about 3000 kms / 1900 miles of car driving since late June + one plane trip to Trondheim.
Seeing old loved friends and family and meeting some new friends - seeing again old loved places and visiting new places.
Eating well, drinking well, having time for contemplation - all goes in the same well of memories which adds up to a good summer!

Many threads of stitchery has been done this summer and the sewing machine is now waiting for a good workout.
I will still be working on my stitcheries and prepping for this autumn's classes, but come tomorrow I think I will take my sewing machine for a spin too :-)


  1. You have had a great summer!!! Bad weather doesn't matter anything when we have our stitchery, quiltshops, family, friends and goodies from the quiltshops.

  2. I'm so glad you've been able to enjoy your travels this summer, and thanks so much for sharing them with us. I love the setting of the siggie quilt (that's my block in the corner!), thanks for sharing that as well.

  3. What a lovely time you've had Hanne. Love those fabrics threads patterns and buttons. I think you need to show us the patterns you had hidden under the others (s).

  4. sounds wonderful Hanne......nothing is stopping you can join my christmas swap and give the sewing machine a workout

  5. I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy your travels. For me visiting other places is one of life's pleasures. In fact we're on a trip now and are visiting San Diego, CA. I'd been here several years ago but Keith and I both got ill and never did get to see the city.

  6. What a great post, Hanne! I almost felt like I visited the shops and ladies with you. Your sewing machine may be ready for a workout, but it looks like some of your purchases are going to require more stitching by hand!

  7. I can see you bougth a new ruler - you will have to tell us more about it.

  8. You have had a wonderful summer and thank you for taking us along with you and sharing everything!

  9. Sounds like you had a great vacation! Thanks for sharing your travels and finds with us.

  10. I am so glad that your surgery is everything you hoped it would be and that you are taking advantage of your new freedom. Looks fun!

  11. How good it is to hear that you are out and about and enjoying life to the fullest once more.

  12. Anonymous2:20 am

    What a lovely holiday you've had and what a great attitude. I am across the pond... way in California and stumbled upon your blog.. I have no idea how... but I love your sweet blog and your art.
    What a joy!
    Hugs Ruth

  13. Lucky you to have had the chance to visit Heidi's shop! It would be one of my stops too! Looks like a wonderful summer to me! I can't beleive that school is quickly approaching! That means less time for quilting time for me! :o( Thanks so much for sharing your travels! For me, it's the next best thing to being there! Keep wellA!

  14. ps: I just love your goodies!

  15. Your holiday sounds wonderful! Lots of memories to enjoy until next summer!


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