Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger and Nice Matters Award

Over the last week I have been nominated as a Rockin' Girl Blogger by May Britt, Merete, Mikkje and Berit .
Thank you, all of you - I am blushing here.
Please visit these 4 blogs and see a lot of beautiful work and very good photos. Mikkje and Berit writes in Norwegian, but the universal language of colours, shapes, needle and thread can be enjoyed by all :-)

May Britt also awarded me with the Nice Matters Award for bloggers who are always very pleasant and just plain nice, because it does matter! Thank you. I really appreciate it.

I must say I have had my thinking cap on for who I will nominate, and as May Britt, I think these 2 awards go well together.
I do enjoy reading several blogs every day, and I would like to nominate them all, but will pick some in particular:

May Britt - right back at you friend! You are a constant inspiration in stitchery, and patchwork. Your work is exquisite!

Merete - we have gone a long way together before blogging, through sunshine and rain. You are a multi-artist who leaves footprints where you wander.

Darlene - for your wonderful sense of colour and shape. Your work inspires me.

Patti - for inspiration in text and photo. A skilled patchworker and wordsmith.

Mary - for starting the HeartStrings Quilt Project and making beautiful string quilts.

Linda J - for giving so much time and effort around the year to warm children with donation quilts. You are doing a difference in the world, one stitch at a time.


  1. Good for you Hanne, May Britt may a very good choice.

  2. I mean she made a very good choice. Sometimes my brain is not insynch with my fingers :)

  3. Thank you Hanne, I love being a part of the the HeartStrings Quilt Project. I'm so inspired by all the string quilts we're making and donating as a group and I appreciate your comments on my personal quilts. I'm having such fun making them and trying many different variations.

  4. Congratulations to you, Hanne!

    And, thank you for the nominations - I'm very, very honored and appreciate your sweet compliments!

  5. Takk, - det varmet stort, både inni og utenpå :-)
    Thank you, Hanne!
    I'm so grateful to have you as a friend - or guiding star? - in my life :-)


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