Sunday, August 05, 2007

In vacation transit

Me at the very windy beach of Gilleleie, the day before we left Denmark. It was the best day weather wise, but it was to cool to bath and to windy to sit down. We went for a walk on the beach enjoying the sun and picking beautiful stones.
I kept the 4 you can see in the photo below.
2 are amber. I like the round shapes - maybe I should put blank varnish on them to enhance the colours.

You can catch a glimpse of Sweden on the right side, in the horizon.

We came home from our week in Denmark yesterday afternoon and since then we have unpacked and now load # 6 is in the washer. About 2 more to go - more towels, more bed sheets, more clothes.

We have had a lovely week even if the weather has not been the best.
Beach life was not an option unless one was in for wind surfing, and that was a pity, in one of the great beach areas of Denmark. On the other hand the summer before we got there has been even worse, as it has been all over Scandinavia since very early June.

We went for trips instead - one day to Lyngby on the outskirts of Copenhagen, where the quilt shop Speich Design is. I did not spend much money there, in fact less than 30 us dollars.
I bought one piece of fabric, 30 cm / 12" CW repro, a Clover water soluble blue pencil, a pair of embroidery scissors and a scissors sharpener.
Our goal for the trip was to visit the Lyngby shopping centres, to amuse the 2 teenagers, and my quilt shop visit did not take much of our time.

We also visited the amusement park Tivoli one of the days, going by train, which was nice in itself.

Some shopping was also done during the week - clothes on sale, both for me, DD2 and her friend Ingrid, who was a nice add on the travel group.
DD1 opted out of family vacation this year and went elsewhere with a friend.

Big icecreams were had frequently, good food was eaten daily and good beverages were enjoyed.
All in all a good vacation, and the day after tomorrow we are leaving for the last part of our vacation, up in mid Norway, to visit my favourite aunt from Tuesday through Saturday.
We are going by car and I have a quilt shop stop scheduled.
Lappemor is a new shop in a little town I have only passed, so we are planning a stop.The shop owner has promised me a cup of coffee :-)
DH has planned some other shopping for himself nearby.

DH starts working again next Monday, and the week after that the young girls in this household will start school, and life will be back to the ordinary.

During the last week I have nearly finished 3 stitcheries. Sounds odd, right, but I left the final touches and finer details to be done here in good light. The light at the summer house in Denmark was fancy but not very functional from my point of view. Only uplights on the walls and no good sewing or reading light, so I bought a head lamp.
I do not look good wearing a head lamp but for sewing it was a clever idea :-)

I could not pass the mouse box the last day before we left Denmark - isn't it cute ? :-)
I found it in a little shop in the fishing village close to the summer house and the red and white homespun had to come home with me too. I counted on my fingers for days before buying it, as it was not a Need but a true Want :-)


  1. Fun!I am glad you are enjoying your summer!

  2. Oh yes, I can see Sweden! LOL ... my grandparents came from Sweden about 1917! Name was Broberg. (A little family history ...)

    Your Leanne's House is just scrumptious! I have begun to do a little bit of stitchery myself, and am looking with envy at your particular pattern. Nice job.

  3. Hi Hanne, welcome back to home. Pictures so lovely that make me impatient one to be able to visit there where I have not been yet:(

    Would be pleased if you visit to my Blog for a while that's new from this month:)

  4. So you did like my sissor........
    Have nice trip to my part of Norway.

  5. Sounds as though lots of good memories were made in your travels..

    Glad you are enjoying the time.

  6. Welcome home, Hanne! Your stitchery is just gorgeous, and your vacation sounds lovely.


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