Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More sightseeing

This is the front of The Royal Castle, with the big place in front, where the parade passes on 17th of May, our National Day. Then the royalties greets the people from the balcony with the white poles.

The Royal Castle overlooks the main street of the town and is situated in the middle of town.

I must admit I like the feeling from the back side the best, with the grand old trees and the park :-)

The castle guards are posted in those small white pointy guard houses. They are parading back and forth, or just standing right up for hours, not allowed to speak to anyone.
They are young men serving their military service.
It is an honour to serve in The King's Guard, and they are also amongst the best military tatoos in the world.


  1. It looks like Oslo is a very nice city. You had good weather as well. I understand you visited the local quilt shop and bought some stitchery patterns. Hope to see a photo of what you bought on your blog. I'm a little curious :)
    The photos you took with your mobile phone turned out very well. Technology! Amazing. Isn't it great to live in the 21st century?

  2. Great job on the stitchery. This reminds me of England where the guards aren't allowed to talk to anyone, and the tourists do their best to get them to talk or laugh. It is a beautiful place - I like the view with the trees too. Your phone does a lovely job with the pictures.

  3. Ohhh...great! Merci merci for this write-up about my dream city Oslo, Hanne! Very useful info before I organize my trip:) Hope to read more about your country and its surrounding. Maybe you can talk some about Bergen? Have a great day&Autumn greetings, Nihal


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