Saturday, September 22, 2007

This & That

The days flies when you are having fun - and it is fun to sew string blocks.
Here is string quilt # 3 and it is ready for machine quilting.
I did not have enough purple fabrics in the right shade to make a border on this one, so it will remain borderless and get a purple binding instead. No fabric shopping !

DH left for Greece and one week of sailing with his buddies this morning, super early, 3.30 am (guess who had to drive him to a pick up spot).
Before he left he helped me sandwich all the 3 string quilts I have made over the last weeks.
I plan to make them my one hour a day work starting on Tuesday.
Now I have filled my quota with string quilts for this autumn - I think ;-)

Meet my new travel and class friend, Janome Jem Platinum 760.
I think we will spend many happy hours together in the future :-)

I was informed this week that I am in high risk group for developing hernia in my abdomen area since I have had half a dozen surgeries performed over the last 7 years and that I have to be very careful about lifting and carrying heavy things. The colostomy is very fragile for hernias.
It was the final reason I needed for buying a low weight machine.

It might be that I have developed into a sewing machine snob over the years, as I have a Janome Jem Gold with a dozen fixed seams. None of the 3 straight stitches really meets my taste and I have been missing some features a lot, like the needle down option.

I got a nice offer on this beauty which has 60 seams, automatic button holes, needle down option and more.
I need a free arm machine anyway, as the big Janome 6600 has not got a free arm.
The little machine is nearly like the big one in options, just scaled down. The weight is 5,5 kgs / 11 lbs. It will live under my sewing table when not in use, for easy access and minimum lifting.

I don't think I will sell the other small machine. It can be nice to have as an extra, for one of my DDs to use.
The shop would not take it in as a trade.
I could off course advertise it myself, but I don't think I can be bothered.

I treated myself to a nice carrier on wheels too, and got a very good price on that one too. If I would have liked it I could have had one in neon pink or neon purple, but I settled for a lovely burgundy. It can be used as a weekend suitcase as well.

My DD1 said yesterday evening that the stitchery I was working on was just my style.
I must admit I have not given the issue style much thoughts, but maybe she is right. Naive drawings in clear but not to strong colours - that is what she said.
I am making a makeup purse for my ongoing class.


  1. Enjoy your new 'toy' the Platinum 760. I've had my Gem Gold for over 6 years and it's been my class and retreat workhorse. :-) I, too, have coveted a 760 for the same reasons you did, so maybe one day I'll treat myself too. Last year I bought a Memory Craft 6600 that stays at home (much too heavy)

  2. I love the purple/white string quilt! Lovely way to set the blocks!

  3. Gratulerer med ny symaskin! Og enda en ny quilt til sykehusaksjonen. Du er imponerende.

  4. Gratulerer med ny symaskin,den er helt suveren -har den selv!Satt i sommer og sydde en hel veggquilt med den,og den mestret alle oppgaver med glans.Hvilen trillebag fant du til den -Tutto?

  5. gratulerer med ny maskin - det sa du ikkeno om tidligere i dag.
    søte stitcherier også , og kjekk layout på string-quilten

  6. wow you have made some great string quilts........I should have a go at one of you new baby.......I love my Janome......nice stitchery....

  7. I like your stitcheries. They are adorable. I've been thinking about upgrading to the 760, mainly because of the needle down option. Enjoy your new machine.

  8. Love your daughters comments--- sounds like you have great style...

  9. Hi, Hanne, your stitcheries are so pretty; so is the new Janome. I have a 760 too, new this year, and just love it.

  10. Love it all what else can I say!

  11. String quilt #3 looks great! Enjoy the new machine.

  12. How good to have the lighter machine and a rolling carrier. That makes traveling and classes so much easier to participate in.

    Great string quilt. You are really stitching away.

  13. I love the way the purple and off-white look together. This makes a great quilt design, and it looks so elegant for simple strings!

  14. Hey, that's like my machine, that I recently bought for traveling and classes. So far, so good. ANd yes, it's lightweight.


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