Friday, September 28, 2007

Focus projects for October

The eye is slowly getting better and the headache is as good as gone.
My eyeshadow today is multicoloured - purple and red with a touch of green. The swelling is worse and the pain is less, so all in all a long step on the road to recovery.
DH does not know about this yet - he is coming home from sailing in Greece tomorrow. It was no idea upsetting him, so he is in for a visual surprise ;-)

Thanks a lot for all the lovely comments and mails.
My fabrics made it without blood stains - my clothes did not. You can not imagine how much a facial cut can bleed. That is what I call luck :-)

I have worked on my caffeine level today - brownies and coffee - and now I am ready to work in my sewing corner - Yes ! :-)

I have picked these 5 projects above to focus on through October. I hope to have as many of them as possible ready for our bi-annual local quilt show in November.
  • 3 care quilts for children with long term diseases.
  • Leanne's House BOM - 4 down, 5 to go
  • Snowman Collector BOM - my only true Ufo ! The 12 blocks are done from years back. I need to join them and quilt them. I am planning to quilt the quilt in sections.

If you enjoy a challenge, pick what you will work on and join in!

Stay tuned for frequent updates :-)

To Work Oh Bold Quilter !


  1. I'm so glad your eye is getting better and your headache is almost gone. That is great news. Looks like you have your work cut out for you in October!

  2. Oh, I am so sad that you had such an accident. What a blessing to have someone there with you to assist you to the emergency room.

    I realize that it is bad but how thankful that it is not worse. If I were there I could bring you tea and comfort. I will just have to do it long distance.

  3. Hanne, I am sorry happy to hear you are recovery well. I began to think about my fabric storage habits after reading your post. I don't need another accident. Thank God there was not any damage to your eye. Take care and get well.

  4. Your string quilts look so pretty all folded up together - how nice that you're giving them away to those who need them. Will the Snowman Collector quilt be finished for this Christmas - LOL?

    Glad to hear that your eye is getting better.

  5. Hi Hanne.
    I have tagged you. Visit my blog to see more....

  6. I'm truly glad to hear that your pain is gone. The 'eyeshadow' will take awhile to go away. :-)

    Lovely October projects!

  7. I'm so glad your eye is getting better. Get some of those Hollywood type sunglasses and nobody will be able to see all the colors. I made that Snowman Collector quilt. You can see a really bad photo of it here

  8. I am happy that your eye is improving, Hanne! Its jobs for October are very beautiful, has a great job and recoveries in hurry ;)))

  9. Glad to read you are doing better. The head bleeds a lot even with a small cut.

    Looking at your photo all I can say it OUCH!

  10. Glad to hear your on the mend. I'm sure you will have all those projects done and dusted by Halloween.

  11. Those are great projects for October. I'm glad to hear the headache is gone.

  12. I'm so glad you're healing and the headache is gone. Your husband is going to be so surprised when he sees you!

  13. Hva skuer mitt øye - en stk snømannquilt - og jeg som trodde du hadde glemt/fortrengt den - ja for vi hadde vel en avtale om å pushe hverandre framover på den - ikke sant. Vel det betyr jo at jeg må spa fram min jeg også. Fortsatt god bedring.


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