Saturday, September 29, 2007


The white and purple string quilt is quilted and is ready for binding, but as you see - not just now :-)

My beloved grand-cat is having an indoor day. It is raining heavily outdoors and none of her 2 tries to go outdoors have resulted in any long stays - and this is the cat that is hard to keep indoors and who does not like to have her fur covered.

Well - I can prep the binding for later.

The 3 first Snowman blocks are framed and are waiting for sashing squares - maybe later.

I think I hear a LH block calling my name first :-)


  1. Now that's a cat that knows how to make the best of a bad day! Soooo cute!

  2. I'm glad too see that you can still stitch en quilt. That was a bad fall you had a couple of days ago. Hope the cut above your eyebrow will heal quickly. I do understand that some comfort shopping was in order. Enjoy you new projects.

  3. Du starter kvasst - skal du holde dette tempoet utover hele oktober? Bare til opplysning så har ikke den mnd startet enda...

  4. Oooops.. you have not been to Bergen yet? Is it true? Shame on you:)
    Hey, try the following link for more about Bergen, that I thought it could help you some to learn about famous Bergen:

    By the way, it's in norwegian!

  5. What a great cat! Love the quilt too!

  6. That is one grandcat that knows what a quilt is for.

    Looks like you are making progress in your October goals.

  7. Awww that is the sweetest photo. :o)

  8. The purple quilt is turnout out really great - but in my morning stupor, I looked and looked, trying to figure out what that black fuzzy thing was -- Didn't recognize the cat until more careful staring. This really is a pretty quilt.

    Glad the eye/forehead is getting better.

  9. Beautiful! (both, cat and quilt)!


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