Thursday, September 06, 2007

Super busy week

This week I have felt like a juggler short of an arm, but keeping at it, one thread at a time makes a difference :-)

I got a class scheduled at a very short notice - Monday next week, and I will be there, well prepared :-)
It means that I have had one week shorter than I thought to prep stitcheries, models and papers. Instead of one stitchery class, I am teaching two stitchery classes - it will be fun.

I think I have an autumn fling gene instead of a spring fling gene, so I have sorted in my scraps, trying to beat their multiplying by cell dividing by using them at a high speed.
Every morning this week, before sewing, drawing or working on my stitchery class I have spent an hour or so doing string blocks. The blocks are 9,5", sewn on muslin foundation.
When I have joined the blocks, they will get a blue border and then I will put the quilt top away for September and start another string quilt.
The next one will be red and yellow - I think.
I have found that doing these string blocks is like using the exercise bike before a workout - the muscles gets the swing of it and the mind can wander on creative paths :-)

PS. My friend loved the double 4-patch quilt !


  1. Så fint det blir, du! Skal seie du har plan over stoffdietten din! Som vanleg må eg spørje om framgangsmåten, det liknar veldig på det gammaldagse "rutemønsteret" der ein sydde remser og delte diagonalt. Men å sy på bakgrunnsstoff har eg ikkje gjort, kan du forklare kvifor du gjer det? Så klart vennen din likte kvilten din!!

  2. I always like the color combinations you use for your string quilts. This one looks great as usual!

  3. Hanne, I shared your blog link with some online friends, and they they loved your string quilt. Like me, they hadn't thought of separating the colors like that! I predict a lot of copycat quilts for charity! Thank you for the inspiration!


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